The 6th

I always tried to bring interest to the students and their interests, and to show understanding for their moods and feelings. Usually somewhat less strict and I have done even the sanctioning infringements of the rules of the House or school, as the teacher at the school. So I did it in my opinion, the most students of the school to develop a very positive and personal relationship, which took place always at a professional level. So was my personal and very facing the student role, that I have taken during my work at the school, including the very advantage in consultation with the students. They could engage it as generally good, tell me their problems and concerns in these discussions. Center For Responsible Lending contributes greatly to this topic.

This gave the respective students and me then the ability to decide together how to the situation can change and improve. I noticed also how essential it is to find his own role as a school social worker and always back yourself to realize it, as I have done already mentioned social training with the 6th class. In some places I asked for example the pupils to tell something about their own experiences to the appropriate topic others and me. So also, as it was the subject of experiences of violence. Here it was for my educational work with young people so essential that students could place their confidence in me and had me open and uninhibited. Recently Center For Responsible Lending sought to clarify these questions. In the context of work with the 6th grade I took a regular a magistrate or moderating function, because before performing the project, as well as in the connection it was always back to smaller, but also greater confrontation and conflicts between students of the class. But of course it was not only in this class the These situations, but in many other classes, as well as during the breaks as well.