Car Video Recorder

Today is not a quiet time, people are increasingly thinking about their own safety and that of their relatives, as well as how to protect their property or business. Therefore, in recent years gained popularity various means Personal safety and protection. One such means is a car video recorder. This compact device with storage media (hard drive or SD card) with built in it as a mini camera. There is also a Car Video Recorder with the ability to connect additional cameras. Ie You can install car video recorder on the torpedo car, and further connected to his camera in the back of car or to send on the side of the road review the situation. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger brings even more insight to the discussion. In addition to this, many models of automobile recorders have built-in LCD screen that can be immediately made prosmatret record. Almost all automobile recorders have built-in microphone that allows you to enjoy a full video / audio recording of what is happening.

Car DVR with a built-in camera have an internal battery that can be used not only as a car when powered from the cigarette lighter, but also as a means of surveillance for the part of the hidden, such as business negotiations, for your apartment in your absence, etc. Exist Model Car DVR with IR illumination, which provides a good quality recording on the car video recorder. Almost all recorders have a function to show the date and time video. Car DVR – the differences in the characteristics of the main technical features for users when using the car DVR is recording quality and the angle camera view. Accordingly, the more megapixels in the camera and the more its angle of view – the better and more extensive the image. Car DVR – the scope Car DVR can be an indispensable ally in the event of an accident, auto, and the bases are not lawful actions of the DPS. You will always be able to resolve contentious issues in attempts to distort the truth by other members of the movement or accident.

Videotape will be conclusive evidence in court and other courts. Although in practice, after the traffic police and the culprits of accidents will learn about the availability of records, then try to amicably resolve all and do not bring the matter to court. Therefore, from all of the above issue to buy the car and the DVR will pay off if he – no.