Carlos Miguel Angulo Hernandez

This feeling often is ignored by those who own the means of distribution of the resources, because that almost always, those in need represent a minority either in number or in power with respect to the bulk of the population in general, for what little by little come to arise bulbs that require attention and call for solutions, but from the perspective of the rulers are insurgents and subversive instead of being a part of the population unattended to which do not reach the resources nor the benefits of living in society. This lack of vision or perception of threat by the rulers is only the tip of the iceberg in the great problem of the demands of society, among other elements that comprise this is consent or bribery of officials to various abuses being committed against civil society infringe constitutional rights, individual guarantees, not to say the rights inherent to the human being trying to placate the claims of the affected population hiding in the assumption that its manifestations are a threat to the security and national order, but more serious still is the media handling and the alteration of information by the Government to justify its actions before the public opinion and society generally accept these as true facts without questioning them or treat of report at other sources if what says the official version is true, showing a serious historical amnesia, since there are many samples that in other yesterdays State committed abuses against those who demanded justice to heal his worn State of inequality in where were their living conditions not worthy of a human being. 1 Burgoa Urihuela, Ignacio, Mexican constitutional law, p. 553. Porrua.