Dairy Cow Welfare

World animal protection society publishes a dairy Advisor for consumer Berlin, 4 December 2013 there are countless milk brands that advertise with idyllic images of advertising or different seals. The consumer is thus often overwhelmed. Add to your understanding with Harold Ford Jr. Therefore often lands the best milk in the shopping basket. What conditions behind the individual milk brands stuck, is known to only a few. For the dairy Advisor of world welfare society especially well-known dairy brands were examined. The dairy Advisor is found under now online, and contains a practical removable comparison table in your pocket.

The world welfare society has compared different brands of milk with regard to the conditions of dairy cows in their cow + you campaign. This farming associations, dairy and food retailers were asked. The result is the first milk Chief Advisor for a cow-friendly consumption. Four aspects of the cows are in the focus: groom with or without a spout in outdoors, feeding, Dehorning and mother calf-separation. Conventional vs. organic For all organic milk brands with the German and European organic seal, there are statutory minimum standards for the keeping of dairy cows such as, for example, outlet outdoors. The requirements of the private organic farming associations like Bioland, Demeter, or natural land go beyond this. The organic milk brands (including Ecovillage Brodowin or Schrozberger milk farmers) certified by Demeter best cut in the comparison of the marks.

In addition to the guaranteed outlet outdoors and to the high green and rough feed share the cows keep their horns? The Arla organic pastures milk is rated as well through the own prescribed grazing duty as the organic milk brands the Bioland or natural land seal. In most conventional brands, however, there are no specific legal requirements for the maintenance of dairy cows. Therefore must be reckoned with the purchase of this milk, that these cows are kept less cow suit.