How Can I Attract Good Luck

What are the secrets of those who have good luck with it? And what are the factors that are in luck, according to studies in the psychology of luck? -Believe in good luck, of course. -Be flexible. Not be set, stiff. Do not get angry. The rebels continue to attract bad luck. If you are bitter and depressed you won’t have no chance. For example, in laboratory tests, those who believe in their chances to put more needles than others, at the same time.

The body is not separate from their minds. -Have mercy. He forgives all. Never store rancor or revenge projects. And put a little bit of charity, kindness. -Trust your intuition. You feel protected, inspired and guided. You must be linked with good vibrations.

You believe in your star, your angel of guard or Providence and thus good luck will be with you. In this test lab, a unit of the batch is deliberately broken and was selected to 60% in those who believe not to have a little luck. -Always think positive, even when you something negative happens. We should begin to see all bottles half full and not half-empty. And more: you should always see the good side, be an irresistible optimist. If we had an accident, you think that you have not lost their lives and that the lack of an examination can also be the opportunity to improve its way of driving. So good luck will accompany you. -Be open, interested in everything. -Identify opportunities. -Be tolerant and capable of supporting another.