Human Body

Which is the better drink – coffee or tea? The Germans love their coffee, and many need this morning to get awake. But now the black hot drink of the dark bean gets competition: tea. Also in tea, caffeine is included, so that more and more on this change. What few know: both hot drinks have unprecedented powers, but very different work. Researchers amazing figured out now. Effect of coffee and tea whether tea or coffee now represents the better and healthier beverage, raises frequently heated debate between tea drinkers and consumers of coffee. Since it is not surprising also that science has addressed this question and found amazing: tea can help prevent tooth decay and rheumatism, caffeine helps Alzheimer’s and coffee to protect even against gout and diabetes. One cup contains coffee an average hundred milligrams of caffeine and that is sufficient to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, so at least the scientist Jonathan D.

Geiger of the school of medicine and health in North Dakota (United States). Also the tea drinkers are in good company, and on the safe side. Although caffeine is just 50 milligrams contained in black tea, two cups here too can fight every day the forgetfulness. You should know but that the caffeine in the coffee completely different, because it is tied to tannins, which the human body just slows down the caffeine and can not fully absorb. This effect occurs only after a certain time, lasts for but longer.

Which the beverage is now healthier? Scientists don’t want to commit himself on one of the two drinks, since both have their advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, coffee and tea in bulk should be drunk. The health effect is a matter of the dose! Two to three cups a day are perfectly in order. But, too much can affect the water content of the body. Beware of the milk in studies cardiologists of the Charite in Berlin found that tea should be consumed only pure. The reason is, that the Milk and the casein, which is included in the milk, in the tea binds to the healing toffee and suppressed so its effect. Coffee drinkers, however, can breathe safely. The milk matters little in the bean drink! On the quality matters for which hot beverage you decide now, everyone is up to. It is only important that you pay attention to the quality. For coffee and tea are natural products, where every little thing can have decisive impact on taste and quality. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy coffee, for example, when a good coffee roaster and tea in the shops!