Kouri Public

After seeing and listening to Jaime Bayle franc program handle the day last Sunday, and also yesterday Monday, I do the following questions. Somehow I think that he should answer them for the sake of its supposed transparency. Speaking candidly Nieman Foundation told us the story. Because, being an agobiantemente public figure, should clear some doubts, that I think other people will be experiencing it like me. First: where you remove money for panels that advertised his presidential candidacy? This doubt has not been cleared yet. Could it be that her mom has given part of the inheritance that his brother left him? And say this, because the same Jaime was announcing it. Then this wouldn’t be anything new, but it would be nice he says on his show, to make it public. I think also assume what is pretending that that is now a new Jaime, and that from this Monday has completely changed, and as shown above, was in the past.

It seems that you are now viewing the possibility of his candidacy with a little more seriously, he wants us to believe that he is changing attitudes. But in this supposed change, there are things you cannot avoid. For example: last night said that it was agreed that there were brothels. Jaime wants to throw out the window of your program, all the rubbish that has been showing to date, to seriously enter into electoral politics. Is this true? Another thing that is not clear, and that is not expressed; It is the fact of knowing that now that has been living in the Peru where is living? Frankly I don’t think that you’re living with Sandrita and his daughters. You will be living with his MOM?; You will be living in a rented apartment?; Do you have any property where staying to live? And if Jaime wants Lourdes, Kouri, and all the candidates to the Presidency, both the municipality be transparent in his public life; the also has to show his entire public life.

And I think that the more that nobody should do it. Because the always says that its private life is of the more public. So in honor of this axiom, it should tell us everything you want to know about his private life. Original author and source of the article