Romance – a mix feeling, humor and erotic I would you briefly introduce myself: my name is Jutta Schutz. I was born in 1960 in Lebach, Saarland, Germany. I worked as a Secretary and bookkeeper and as a tour guide in Africa and America. Also, I studied psychology at the same time. “To the hobby I did write me and on 29 February is my first Roman Wunder need time” in public trading. I chose a very unusual topic. It’s about transsexuality! I have written this novel with lots of feeling, humor and erotic. Here a short summary: A young woman in love with her husband’s work colleagues.

To be the man entrusted to her transsexual”. You resists her feelings for him and tries to help him to find his way at the same time. Together, they find out about transsexualism and go together in a self-help group. Sample chapter 5 a few days later I received a long letter from Uwe. He had him personally in my mail box thrown, the envelope was without postage stamp. I put it without opening in my pocket, because I was in a hurry. Also, I wanted to read his lines alone.

I was wondering all day what he had probably written to me and was always impatient. Sechzehn p.m., I left the Office and went home. In a hurry I unlocked the door and threw my jacket carelessly on the sofa and began to read. He wrote about his feelings, which no longer let him go. He described her passionate and I could feel every single word in my soul. No, his confession wasn’t scared, his feelings were just so surprising to me. Should I be now shocked or upset or sad? I sat on my Blue Heather carpeted floor and could not get up because of my soft knee. This great man had me just a confession and the now familiar on my compassion. Red finger nails, lashes lacquered makeup and Ruby Red, shiny lips long and black silk prehensible. To a narrow and only up to the Mini skirt reaching Po, nylon stockings and high heels. Uwe was very great on women. But the most yourself. His wife in it would like to start to live finally! No, I was not sad and also not appalled, maybe just a little shaken up. And I can’t describe what I was feeling else words. Maybe it was how to go backwards, or in the Kopfstand to try to drink a glass of champagne and to leave gravity aside? “Of course I knew that it such people” was somewhere, but I had never met which of them. And all people, Uwe should be such a person? He wrote about feelings which would be female or male, and I wondered what feelings with sex have to do? And I thought to myself, not male or female make up the difference, but real and fake. His descriptions of this trip in its interior, had touched me in a way, like the dew on the grass, when the mist slowly rises at the crack of dawn. I felt that it now as a Forget me nots for me was, I want to feel close to my heart, but still not allowed to pick. In recent days, I had to think much of him, and when I thought of him, then I’d me every time can intoxicate him. It now also this letter changed nothing with his confession. W a s o w h l L i b i s t?