Those who extracted blood know that sometimes the analysis entailed surprises that changed the fate of those in a second. Also sometimes – has the citizen journalist – the worst diagnosis coexists with the best. And it is difficult to cope with this situation. People such as Dr. Neal Barnard would likely agree. Monica Beatriz Gervasoni. (Buenos Aires) There are professions, practices and trades that require special beings. Although many are engaged in their daily tasks without taking into account this and by routine or obligation to comply with their chores without the love that brings the vocation, many others make it with that feeling sometimes carrying a bit of relief to the pain of others, a bit of comfort to the desperation of others and a little sweetness to many congeners.

Those who extracted blood know that sometimes, the product is for routine analysis, General checkups or formalities necessary to enter any institution. They also know that they sometimes involve surprises that change the target in a second. And above all, they sometimes know that they have between your hands hope that a disease has been played. As you can see, it is not only the prick and extract the liquid red and vital. The life of one of their many ways and forms rests with his hands. An extraccionista, young who attended, mature lady knows.

The senses. It has it built-in skin and look. Not for nothing they say the eyes are the eyes of the soul. Then talk with your interim patient of the moment. And it tells a story. They had entered in tune. Both, each one from his role, who knows by that target entered into empathy. The situation, the moment, doesn’t matter. But they shared a piece of their lives and stories. Meanwhile the prick and the painful process of forced fasting, which except for the inapetente, were not so offensive.