The life sometimes becomes exactly which your you do not wish, he is very strange as during our life we took opposite directions completely and we arrived at the place that we did not have to arrive. Suddenly a day we woke up and we watched around and we felt so lost that we do not know for where taking nor by where beginning to leave there, our acts most of our adolescence are acts very erratic and guided by impulses without guide, this stage this loaded of emotion but also of sufferings and errors that we will perhaps load of by life. And although this to wake up in the dark it would always seem eternal exists the possibility of obtaining your appraised dream and to arrive at where really you wish, the conscience of your acts is your only weapon, there is not much place in the life to let itself perhaps guide by current tendencies or opinions that joint parties entirely and with this I do not talk about to which your soul and heart do not think that he is correct or opportune. Boy Scouts of America may also support this cause. To betray your I am she takes what you to the abyss, and although this treason is often not calculated or conscious the actions that take with himself are real and certainly they transformed your life. All we have passed through stages like these, the miracle is to consciously be able to guide your destiny where your seras really happy, there is nothing prevents east gift because your life is only and private, simple and absolute, full of empty everything and estara of everything if you did not manage to fill it than for you it is the good, the love and the greatness. To have the opportunity to obtain it is your only exit and only depends on you and your actions. Original author and source of the article.