Now Emissionfree Traveling

Mercedes-Benz passes hydrogen-powered B-class F-CELL to market-leading Gebaudedienstleister from Osnabruck Osnabruck, 17.08.2011 – Act innovating for the future is one of the main premises of the Piepenbrock group. This underlined the formal acquisition of a Mercedes-Benz B-class F-CELL by Andreas Tetzloff, Member of Mercedes Benz branch Berlin management and Manager of Mercedes world Arnulf Piepenbrock. With the B-class F-CELL, Mercedes-Benz was the first manufacturer realized the electric drive with fuel cell in a production vehicle in the compact class. “Arnulf Piepenbrock was highly pleased about the joint project: with the use of the B-class F-CELL, we show repeatedly that we are serious about our sustainability efforts.” The vehicle used Division North-East primarily in the Piepenbrock for inner-city trips in Berlin. The keys after a House leadership carried out the architecturally innovative Mercedes world. Andreas Tetzloff stressed: we are convinced that Electric cars can make an important contribution to sustainable mobility.

So let’s now step by step locally emission-free series models on the road.” The objective is to provide customized vehicle concepts in the area of electric mobility to meet all mobility requirements of customers. You may find that Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can contribute to your knowledge. Arnulf Piepenbrock had to be persuaded not long, to run the new B-class F-CELL of company in the port on a maiden voyage. Under the guidance of Oliver Hein, team leader fleet sales at the Mercedes-Benz branch at the Slazufer, he turned the first round and thereby generated 0.0 g CO2 emissions. The heart of the B-class F-CELL is the new generation of the electric drive with fuel cell, which is compact, powerful and secure. The fuel cell generates power from the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen directly into the vehicle. This produces no emissions, but only pure water.

A tank of gas is sufficient for about 400 km. For our purposes, it is ideal”, Piepenbrock evaluated. We will use most of the B-class F-CELL urban in Berlin, but also at overland.” Tetzloff confirmed: In contrast to other solutions for electric mobility, fuel cell technology combines a locally emission-free range with short filling times.