Pakua International League

The school organization nonprofit founded by master Rogelio Magliacano, the Pa-Kua international school or International League of Pa-Kua is an institution with global relevance. Master Roger MagliacanoEl teacher depositary responsible Rogelio Magliacano has been dedicated to the study of martial arts and healing arts from an early age. He won his belt black high graduation in different martial styles that studied before they are ready to start learning of Pa-Kua with master Chinese I Chan Ming. After a hard work of learning, the teacher I Chan Ming appointed him as his successor and responsible for guarding and continue with the transmission of the Pa-Kua knowledge globally and openly, putting at disposal of who cares for his study. Founded in 1976, after the return of East of the Maestro Magliacano, the Pa-Kua school has developed in Argentina, Brazil, United States, Spain, England, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Israel, Germany, Italy and many others. As a legacy of more than 30 years of teaching hundreds of people formed professionally and were trained in the Pa-Kua art and continue forward with his work.

Currently the institution is in charge of his most advanced disciple master Nicolas Dario Moyano appointed by Maestro Magliacano in 2006 with the title of master holder upper Responsable.El master custodian responsible for the Pa-Kua Rogelio Magliacano knowledge died in March 2007. His love, thoughts and knowledge remain alive in the hearts of the Pa-Kua students around the world. Arte Marcial is the martial art par excellence. It consists of a psycho-physical learning to increase security in oneself overcoming fears that immobilized us in our daily projects.The student develops in a healthy environment, learning alongside their peers and without competition.From different techniques, including personal defense, simulations of attack that are resolved through the use of blows of hands and feet, torsions and levers, lances, application of techniques from the ground and Chinese points.This work is completed with physical stretching exercises and strengthening the body looking for progress class to class.