A good example is the case of our eldest daughter who always showed a great interest for the numbers and worked for two months as an apprentice to a successful Trader’s actions in Miami, Florida. 5. Instead of buying so many toys and video games, it is better to buy them the tools to be able to develop something on their own. A good tool box or a paint or embroidery kit are gifts that will stimulate the creativity of our children. A good example of this is our second daughter, who is artist and early demonstrated his passion for photography.

They had our full support during his adolescence and we bought several cameras, in addition to the Photoshop software. As a result, she had her own website at age 17 in which she offered photography and graphic design services. Today he is 19 years old and holds a significant portfolio of customers despite still not having a degree in higher studies. 6 Play finance games with them such as Monopoly and Cashflow from an early age. Children learn playing. Do better way of educating them in the area of the? Finance to make sure that they know manage and well multiply money in the future? Part of education can complement this by reading books of r. Kiyosaki with them and inviting them to participate in the management of the money you make as a parent. 7 Attend lectures and courses with their teens.

One of the most powerful ways to teach is to learn along with them. There are several advantages of inviting them to participate in courses and conferences together with you: a. you is showing a genuine interest in the interests of their children b. You are treating them as young adults, not as mere adolescents. They behave according to the treatment that you give them. c. a gesture of love speaks a thousand words. To become personally involved in your educational process you is demonstrating its concern for the future welfare of them.