The owners are very loyal to their animal and his owner will only do the possible thing so that the puppy is strong and healthy. Check with Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more. Instead of to buy several puppies and not to be able to take care of to them he is better well to only have one and thus the puppy will have more union to its owner and will be easier to train that to have many puppies. According to the race, the best moment for buying a puppy it is between 7-9 weeks of legal age. The puppy would have to get used to being around people and other dogs. He would not have to allow itself that its puppy vague by the house freely until it correctly is trained, a common idea false is that the healthy dogs and cats must eat newspaper when in fact they do not do it., the smallest races are an exception, but the owners must have well-taken care of not to overfeed them. With just a little bit of responsibility, time, and money of their part, you and its family will secure to a life of love and unconditional adoration. The positive effect that a dog can have in its family is amazing.

To all the animal it is necessary to have his bowls to them of very clean water and foods and to bathe to them with regularity, the reason of this is to have them free of germs and bacteria. To maintain the area sterilized will help to maintain your domestic animal healthy. Since the medicines for domestic animal easily are not distributed, this would help if you also asked his veterinarian where to find the medicine stores for the care of his dog. Many dogs and cats are even united to the children. The parasites that are internal and external are mainly responsible for the diseases seen in the great population of dogs. The flea of common dog is the problem number one of health that does against these domestic animal.

The exercise is each so vital small piece to the health and the well-being of your domestic animal like the good food, the clean water and the shelter. Eating well and securing exercise are so important enough for the dogs and the cats as they are for people. The vegetables and a little fruit in the diet of their dog and a small amount of so can provide many of these active compounds. It stops any program of loss of weight, human or animal, the diet is the first essential part. A label of the domestic animal is a very trustworthy way to help to keep your domestic animal around by many years to come. The labels known the domestic animal can also be chosen of a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, of yellow copper and even plastic. The 90 percent of domestic animal that take an identification label will return to their homes. You must cerciorarte that always your domestic animal/dog has its necklace of identification, the information of the contact on the label must be always updated in case your dog disappears. The label of the identification must have the name of your domestic animal, the direction of the adressee, your name and telephone number. Dogs Puppies original Author and source of the article.