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Therefore, if there are no results after having invested time, money and visits to a particular healer, develops an internal imbalance. Before admitting to themselves and to others that the efforts have been in vain, many people tend to try to find some value to the treatment and defend it strongly. Charlatans and their clients are predisposed to misread signals and remember things as they wished that they had succeeded. They can be selective in what they remember, over-estimating the apparent success of therapy and ignoring the failures. The evolution of science is due in large part to the need to reduce this human tendency to justify everything with beliefs. In addition, many people feel compelled to say something worked if someone offers them help. Due to alternative therapists believe sincerely that they are helping, It is natural that their patients want to demonstrate reciprocity with gratitude.

Without realizing it has, that obliged reciprocity contributes to enlarge the perception of the magnitude of the benefit received.So beware when buying! The ability to distinguish the real thing from a relationship of false causes requires well-designed studies and logic of a large amount of data abstractions. There are many sources of error that can lead astray the people who trust in his intuition or informal reasoning to analyze complex facts. Before accepting make you any type of treatment, you must have the certainty that has been scientifically proven by several studies that control responses to placebo. You should suspect treatment if evidence only consists of testimonies, books or brochures published by who offers the treatment or other popular media. Dr. Beyerstein is a biopsicologo of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. For more information (in English), visit Quackwatch.