Guide shows models companies build, establishing a service oriented architecture enables companies to improve business processes through introduction of existing (old) systems and thus to increase the flexibility of the own IT system. This leads to significant cost savings and reduces the time-to-market significantly. However, the practical implementation often poses problems. \”The new white paper shows how an enterprise can help portal to build the IT system according to the LEGO principle, Intrexx and SOA\”. Freiburg, November 12, 2009.

The approach of the service-oriented architecture (short: SOA) received an increasing attention in recent years. A such architecture characterised by the encapsulation of the IT environment in different easily replaceable modules and offers great advantages in terms of maintenance, flexibility and stability of the existing IT system. The system is divided into several levels, communicating only via interfaces. With its market-leading Portal software Intrexx the Freiburg software producer United planet ( offers a solution, middleware, takes this approach and further developed. For Intrexx was in service-oriented architecture 2008 innovation award the Initiative Mittelstand in the category\”award.

The replacement of individual solutions is just as easily possible as their restructuring and consolidation under the uniform surface of the portal platform with Intrexx. It already paid investments are backed up, since data from existing systems can be as easily into the enterprise integrated portal SAP or Lotus Notes. New applications can be easily added, restructured processes, and automated. As a modular system can be built up with Intrexx as SOA middleware, where elements of which are flexibly adjustable or interchangeable. Also Web services can be consumed with Intrexx or even created and integrated into the system. Provide the individual modules with data and information and can also in Workflows are included. Also data from third-party systems such as the ERP system can be offered as a Web service. This is possible with Intrexx, even when the external system has no own Web service functionality.