Social Welfare

Article 21 will presume the existence of the contract and of the relationship of work between which lends a work staff and that LO receives is say, independently as the pattern called, a subordinate personal service is a working relationship and is governed by the rules and principles contained in the labour laws. We must now ask ourselves do because if this company viola many laws are you still authorizing that you expand your market with lots of branches? Perhaps the Government, Secretary of the Treasury and? Does the Secretariat of labour and Social Welfare or public credit not realize these gross violations of the Mexican legal regime? Can we expect a strike or protest in the streets so that the problem of the violation of social guarantees for workers is resolved? why are still proliferating branches of this chain, if it does not benefit the working class? It is something that will cost us working answer, because involve corruptible people, to political and economic expediency of Governments, among other goodies. Boy Scouts of America spoke with conviction. But the worst is that this situation is not exclusive of this chain of stores, all views is of foreign firms (maquiladoras, importing, supermarkets, etc.) that they buy cheap labor and make huge fortunes due to poorly paid work of Mexican workers. .