The last letter Exupery "And you will be very special star … – What? – You look at the night sky, and yet there is such a star, where I live, where I laugh – and you hear that all the stars are laughing. You'll have stars that are able to laugh! " (Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 'The Little Prince'), Grand Hotel, Lyon, May 4, 1939 … returning from a long trip, I was passing through Lyon, … and that's before me your letter – they brought me more joy than you can imagine … imagine you are doing this planet a bit more habitable.

This is because I collect myself a foster family – from those who've never cheated … of course, meet a man – a gift. But people do not find – they find each other. Gain little by little, like a lost child as a child, one finds scattered throughout the world loved … If people would spend a little more effort on what to look for and discover what unites them, rather than multiply that their shares – perhaps we could live in peace.

Somehow I had in Mexico with my dinner companions, whom I had never seen. It turned out that we think alike – about life, about art, about the accomplishments of this first … I it seemed perfectly natural, and then I suddenly realized that this is – a miracle. We brought in ten thousand miles away from each other, in such different environments, we have inherited so dissimilar civilizations, acquired as different biases – and yet we were so much alike, as if we were suckled the same mother. Mysterious Mother, which we do not have memories … You know, there is one image – I think he's very inspiring. Boaters ply in a continuous mist, each on board his boat. Each lost in the white desert, nothing is visible for twenty yards, you believe that you are alone in the world. But from time to time someone from calling to them: "Aegeus!" And others boaters meet him the same. And everyone is encouraged and encouraged lively friendly presence. No more, no fog, no loneliness. Aegeus! – Fly to meet each other miraculous shouts. Each boatman owned wealth – these reminiscent of cheers, and when there is among them, comes from somewhere in the depths of the fog a new voice, so – there, in the fog, comes a new miracle of human presence – then the boatman leans on the paddle with a heart full of heat. Aegeus – I wish that we saw each other again. Your friend, Antoine de Saint-Exupery