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Voronezh railway station from where a train goes from Voronezh to other regions of the country. Voronezh 1 station was and remains the main train station in Voronezh. Thanks to the coordinated work of all employees of the station, each of the passengers time can buy tickets on the train from Voronezh to another city. Each train, departing from the station, Voronezh 1, is sent on time and without major disruptions in the schedule. Each of the trains consists of the brain and trailer cars. Train length depends on the frequency and the influx of passengers, but usually reaches tens of time cars.

The train from Voronezh to the number of cars over 20 is now quite rare. Railway message Voronezh debugged in detail and failures in each of the links is very rare. Flights from Voronezh Railway sent continuously in time. In Voronezh, there are several railway stations. Apart from the main train station, there is also such as Kursk, station addition. Voronezh train.

Train schedule Voronezh. Train Moscow Voronezh. Railway Voronezh. Kursk railway station operates mostly in the direction of Kursk and Kursk region, and the station is the main artery overmeasure railway freight for messages and Voronezh region. Trains arriving at the station in the main cargo overmeasure, but there is a passenger. All trains that pass through the bargain, do not have the Voronezh as an endpoint, but as an intermediate. Voronezh boasts high traffic trains through railway stations. Therefore, difficulties with tickets in any direction, even though the north to the south, do not occur. Not every city can boast of such cross-train as Mr. Voronezh. After a day of Voronezh are hundreds of trains, both freight and passenger services. Besides a large capacity trains traversed through Voronezh, there is also a time like a good accomplishment themselves railway station in Voronezh. All railway stations are Voronezh boasts a special feature like the location and construction, and interior decoration. As a rule, all stations of Voronezh were created in the USSR and therefore hold that a particle of communism, which appears in both decoration of buildings stations Voronezh. Voronezh Stations have their own unique interior layout and main elements, both inside and outside, which makes them even more attractive to passengers and visitors. On Each station has the original bulletin board on which are displayed by all arriving and departing trains, and therefore to miss the train to Voronezh station is impossible.