Student Loans

To pay for training American students can use the loan funds. In the United States for such purposes there are 3 main types of loans: student loan – student loan, parent loan – parent loan, private loan – private loans. To simplify system also provides for loan repayment consolidation loan (combined loan), which combines all the loans of the borrower in one. Student Loans (Student loans) have a low interest rate and the lack of security. Federal Student Loan Stafford Loan (Stafford Loan) is divided into two main types: – Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). These loans are non-state entities (banks, savings and credit institutions). Federal Government acts as guarantor of the repayment of these loans .- Federal Direct Student Loan Program (FDSLP).

The management of these loans provides 'Direct Lending School'. They are issued by the government directly to students and parents. In turn, Stafford Loans fall on a subsidiary (subsidized), who repays the interest on the government, and no Default rules (unsubsidized), the interest on which the borrower pays on their own. In this case, the student has the opportunity to deferment of payment until graduation. Any student can not take advantage of a subsidiary loan.

However, for subsidiary loan the student must document that actually needs financial support from the government. Students, parents contain, are able to obtain credit in the following amounts: first course – to 2625 USD, the second course – 3500 USD, and each subsequent course – 5500 USD. Students have their own income, the opportunity to receive an additional loan of $ 4000 USD for the first two years and 5,000 USD in the years of training.