You separate you of me, you who you practise the iniquity. It is enough to bring me vain offerings, that are an abominable incense pra me. When you extend to your hands shunting line of you my eyes; exactly that you multiply the conjunct, I will not hear you. You take off of my sight your bad actions! You cease to practise the evil, you learn to make the good. Your hands are full of blood: purificai you, you wash you. You search the right, I corrected the oppressor! You defend the cause of the widower, you make justice to the orphan! Then, we will be able to argue.

Despite your red sins are crimson and as scarlet, they will become white as the snow and the wool. You will eat the precious fruit of the land, you will have made use yourselves to hear. But, if to rebel themselves and to refuse, for the sword you will be mortos' ' TM 7,23; Is 1,13-20. Sword of two gumes of the Word of God, who is blessing pra just, perdio for who practises the evil. Who in it believes it practises it to is in the Kingdom; who in it does not believe practises nor it is of the Kingdom.

' ' I wounded you for intermediary of the prophets I killed, you for the words of my mouth, pra that my right appears as luz' ' The 6,5. Here it is there the face of Jav that much said people merciful do not admit: God inhabits in the highest sky, that has it with the things of the land? However, Jav deferred payment in the sky of skies, but take care of of its creation with love: ' ' Jav firmed in the sky its throne, but its royalty governs the universe. It has in the hands the deepenings of the land, and of it they are the tops of mountains; it is of it the sea, therefore it was made who it and the firm land, its hands had shaped.

The Four Personalities

THE FOUR PERSONALITIES It has four types of temperament: What it is easy to get angry itself and easy to pacify itself, its loss is compensated by its profit. What it is difficult to get angry itself and difficult to pacify itself, its profit is annulled by its loss. What it is difficult to get angry itself and easy to pacify itself, is the scholar. What it is easy to anger and difficult to pacify itself, is bad. It has four types between that if sponge, funnel, filter and bolter seat ahead of the Masters.

Sponge is that one that absorbs everything; Funnel, what it receives from a side and it leaves to escape of another one; Filter, what it leaves to leave the wine and I splodge it holds back it; Bolter, what it leaves to leave the bran and holds back the flour. It has four types of pupils That one that it understands quickly and it forgets – its profit in a similar way is annulled by its loss. That one that has difficulty to understand e. difficulty to forget its per- of is annulled by its profit. That one that understands quickly but hardly it forgets – its portion is good. That one that has difficulty to understand but forgets easily – its portion is me. It has four types of attitudes between that they practise charity: What it wants to give and does not want that others give, is the envious one; What he wants that others give, but proper it does not want to give is the miser; What of and he wants that others give, it is the caridoso; What of and he does not want that the others give, he is the bad one. He has four types of comportame between that they frequent the House of study: What it frequents, but does not practise, rewards gets it for appearing; What it practises, but does not frequent, rewards gets it for the action; That one that it frequents and it practises is the scholar; That one that it does not frequent nor practises is bad.

Miracle Of Human Creation

This investigation came at random and stuffed of souvenirs of infancy, time where we congregated in them: I, my brothers, friends and some times until adults, as parents and uncles, to mount an entire city, with stands of toy, building, streets, viaducts and done population of soldadinhos and indiozinhos, that came stuck in candies. The foundation of the entire city was the land of house 137 (deep), in the Street Toms Gonalves Gomide, main exit of the Industrial Park, in Campinas, for the Industrial Village. Today, the house nor exists, what it seems yielded place for a transporter or another enterprise any. Although it did not have skill of not infecting itself for nostalgia of the infancy times, what it inspired the text was to observe the streets less moving of vehicles and people in the eve of the Holiday of Independence. mation. The monday little had of those normal days of work, with streets and crowded buses, therefore it is almost certain that much people amended holiday he was in house resting or it travelled for deserved rest. When observing the few cars that if now lost in the immense streets and highways, I imagined the boy times when we placed the stands the bel pleasure in our imaginary cities. We constructed the traffic lights, the gas stations, the farms and the plantations, everything as it determined our infantile imagination and as it ordered the figurino. Planting trees, making cardboard schools and other building, constructing perfect and harmonic a world and surpresos and happy we were when until the father, without if mattering in having fond tired of the work, it changed of clothes and it came to help to construct that city dreamed for the children, its children and friends of its children.

At that moment, it left father packs and it also started to be child, sharing, dreaming and carrying through together with people. That penalty that at the time did not have advance of the digital camera so that everything was registered and kept for the posterity. Without wanting to commit heresy, when children and in our satiated imagination people are truily similar the God, creating rivers, forests, mountains and inhabiting our particular paradise with beings (soldadinhos and indiozinhos) of toy. Infancy passes to all we, arrives one more time for others and in one morning and ahead of the imensido of the world felt, me not as child, but perhaps as the beings of toy of our infancy being carefully placed in places due for a so great Creator that it makes of immense trucks, bus and cars its mere brinquedinhos; of buildings its ‘ ‘ predinhos of papelo’ ‘ in a simple blow of the life to its beings of toy, becoming them human.