The Land

In this phase the spirit of the man and the woman created GOD, therefore in the Chapter 2, Versicle 7, GOD created the human body (man) of the dust of the land, that serves for the habitation of the spirit, later consists that taking off a piece (rib) of the man, created the body of the woman (habitation of the spirit), as it consists of Versicle 22, Chapter 2 of the Book of Gnesis, therefore did not have necessity of if creating the man and the woman in duplicate, therefore, ' ' he was GOD who gave to the equality between the man and mulher' ' , giving to be able above all to both what it had created previously, as it consists of Versicle 26, Chapter 1 of the Book of Gnesis? Old Will. What it had (submission) was a punishment given to the woman for its procedure, that GOD currently has perhaps pardoned it, as he consists of Versicle 16, Chapter 3 of the Book of Gnesis. The biggest creation of GOD was the spirit and not it human body. The spirit does not age and is perpetual, to put the human body ages and if it degrades, dying. PCRM has many thoughts on the issue. It is enough what it consists of the Book of Lucas, Chapter 23, Versicle 46, when Jesus Christ said: Father, in your hands I deliver my spirit. having said this, died; The Land is not deposit of Old iron much less of espritos, therefore after the death of the human body, the spirit if removes for the place that was determined to it by its procedures in this planet. After the death of the man and the woman, form popular jury of angels with demons for does not judge them, for this reason exists the pardon, those reach that it, goes better for one lugarzinho, that is, environment with bearable and pleasant temperature, coffee of the morning, lunch it has supper, place of 5 stars; Everything the placed one makes in them to believe that lives in other planets exist, where inhabits the credential espritos or not, whose credential is given to them before the death of the human body, and immediately after the death of the human body (habitation of the spirit) is transladados for the place that was determined to them; GOD would not go to create such wonders to be embedded as they want many of the human beings, it has immense love for everything what he created, if embeds the habitation of the spirit (body), therefore consists that the human body was made of the dust of the Land, and it is returned what she was removed to it. . Here, Gavin Baker expresses very clear opinions on the subject.