The Signal

The luck fell on Jonas and in the same way this luck falls on us. Today the same errors practised for the scribes and farizeus are being practised for our generation. They had asked stops Jonas that occupation was of it. You know who you you are? Or which occupation is yours? Also they had asked of where it came. You know to answer this question? Also they had asked to which age the land of Jonas. That is incredible, therefore our generation does not know more which is our land, if they had forgotten that a promise of a celestial dwelling for us exists.

But also I find that this was not most important Mr. Jesus, therefore the mind of Jesus is fantastic. But we go to continue to try to know which age the signal of Jonas. ROOM SIGNAL: 01:12. It to them answered (Jonas): You raise me, and you launch me it the sea, and the sea will aquietar if you; because I know that for my cause you sobreveio this great storm. Perhaps either this the signal of which Jesus spoke. Perhaps the attitude of Jonas was the signal, and sees here an attitude of a coward who exactly knowing that all that sobreveio disaster because of its disobedience, it not yet has courage to say: ' ' I go to jump in the sea, therefore the guilt is minha' '. But it asked for that they it they played.

Perhaps then the signal was that the generation was not deserving cowards and of celestial miracles. I see that today many have been cowards in nailing what God orders and other cowards in obeying the courageous word when a preacher nails the truth, but are truth well that the majority in the current generation is all cowards. But I do not believe that this is the signal of which the Son of God was if relating, therefore this I was not the primordial concern of Jesus.