This Constitution

With long concentrations of power, emotive nationalistic rituals that will be present in fascism and Nazism. Fans of D Annunzio distinguished by their black shirts, the Roman salute, the skull with crossbones which were and remain part of all fascist liturgy. D Annunzio style, will remain in force in the black shirts of Mussolini, as the Nazi SS of Hitler, which also gave effective strength to the movement, by implementing the paramilitary fascist style example of the red shirts (which will appear in Uruguay) of the nationalist leader of the Italian unification, Giuseppe Garibaldi, which incidentally was also called Duce. Mussolini’s fascism had taken over the words, of the rites of the style of D Annunzio in Fiume. But D Annunzio not only gave him a liturgy, a style and a mystical fascism, also laid the foundations of their ideological and philosophical basis.

D Annunzio will be who will bring and adapted the ideas of the corporate State of Hegel to fascism. The D Annunzio Constitution established a corporatist State, with nine corporations to represent different sectors of the economy (employees, workers, professionals) as well as a tenth Corporation that invention D Annunzio, who was the Corporation’s human superiors (heroes, poets, prophets, supermen). This Constitution as all fascism is predominant theory of the Superman of Nietzsche, distinguished by its capacity for creativity and courage, resulting the antithesis of the mass man, to which fascism wants to dignify and raise the quality of individual through culture. Thus, as Mussolini, Hitler it was despicable, vulgar, payasesco, scatterbrained and was referring to Nazism as a bad imitation of fascism. Likewise D Annunzio considered Mussolini and the fascists, as greedy, ignorant and rude that they had taken over his work and of having stolen his place in history. If Mussolini would steal protagonism to D Annunzio. Mussolini is also a victim of its copycat and confirm it by declaring.