and there, bacana? I do not know if you know but have an account d? water pr to pay week that comes. the business is the following one: it is in yours! I am hard, but tomorrow or later I decide this stop! I thought that it went to stop for there, but knows brother as is that it is, n? Then! It remembers to that one bald Sir, of the end of the street? That one of the sobrado, what it has one moleque small that is a plague? It is looking somebody pr to make the agenda of it in the computer. He knows fine people as she is that he is n! It spoke for the Z of the bakery that goes to travel one three days and moleque goes to be with the employees. It said that paid fifty Reals per day! I thought about you that it is studying! From there I flow, you is having me this! Uncle, loans to a compact disc pr to me I to record a thing while my father is not? Sai is moleque! I do not want complication with your father not! It does not have compact disc not! Uncle, helps please me! It has there in the drawer. I did not want to catch compact disc none! He wanted exactly was to bottle moleque and to close with a cork so that it stopped of speaking. But, to more still discourage me, it continued: the Uncle, the only thing that I want and is in the computer, is a photo! Uncle, my mother died and the only photo that I have of it is in the computer. My father not me of not!