Valencian Community

Today has been published on the official website of the Ministry of justice the Court notes and relations of approved (a failure to do the examination of incidents of Andalusia) of the oppositions of Judicial assistance from 2010. We must take into account that the first part is exceeded with a net 50 points not. Displayed notes are those corresponding to the practical assumptions and conform to expectations, being the average of the different areas in 73,69 points in the overall system and 53,84 in the quota of reservation for the disabled. Therefore, adding both notes approved fork varies from 127,50 cutting points higher on the Valencian Community to Navarre 115,50. We give congratulations to approved, and lots of encouragement to those who cannot overcome an tests so they continue preparing for the following calls. It is important to note that if in other announcements already we found these levels in the first year, to overcome it with a 50, in this call the global cutting note has fallen considerably. The number of places has also been very high, the that helps more people to pass the tests. Guadalupe Tolosa original author and source of the article