As It Is Good For Meditar In Your Word, God

As God is good for meditar in your word, who created skies and the land that the man created its similarity and its saint wonderful image to each day that passes, I fortify myself as Pablo said in: Filipenses: 4-13' ' I everything can in Christ who me fortalece' ' Jesus teaches in them; tolerance and the charity, back in: Landmarks chapter 9 – of 38 the 40 In this ticket, Jesus, confirm that name emseu is possible, the man to expel evil e, to make miracles (in its name also), exactly, not following, the apstolos at the time. (it is for the faith)I confess, that it has been very good, to know that Mr. Jesus said back in Landmarks: 16-15: ' ' Idepor the whole world and you nail evangelho to all criatura.' ' in Landmarks 16-16: Who to believe and will be baptized will be saved; however, who, however, not to believe will be condenado.' ' E, to have idea of the so great blessing let us see: Landmarks CAP: 16-17: ' ' These signals have to follow those that creem in my name, expelirodemnios; they will speak new languages; 18 – they will catch in serpents; e, if some deadly thing to drink, will not lhesfar badly; if to impose the hands, on patients, them will be curados.' ' Genteeeeeeee is not maravilhosoooo crerrrrrr? We go well to give umaolhadinha back in Joo chapter 14-12 where Jesus says: ' ' In truth, in verdadevos I say that one that cre in me will also make the workmanships that I make and outrasmaiores will make, because I go I stop next to the Pai.13- and everything how much you will ask for in my name, iso will make, similar of that the Father sejagloroficado in Filho.14-If me redirdes some thing in my name, I it farei.15- love, will keep me my orders. As it is good for meditar in your word, God! I remembered that back in Mateus: 7-24, he is written: ' ' All that one, that to hear these my words and a cautious man practises sercomparado who built the house on the rock ' ' e, also I remembered of what it is written in Acts: 16-31 ' ' Cre in Mr. Jesus and will be saved you and tuacasa' ' E, in the moving ace diseases, the bible says that Jesus already took (Isaiah: 53-4e 5 (text of authorship of Appeared Maria dev Oliveira, Curitiba-Paran Brazil baseadoem Biblical study)Note: (for who cre, is good for giving one looked at back in: Lucas: 10-19; still in Colossenses chapter: 2-8 and Lucas: 10-19; to lock up this meditation, here it is Mr. Deus, through the Espirito Santo, only can be made me to remember what estescrito in: Numbers chapter 23-19 ' ' God is not man, so that he lies; nor son of the man, so that if he repents. Porventura, having it fiance’, will not make it? Or, having spoken, it will not fulfill it? ' '