The agency "Tent of Miracles" – a private Ukrainian company. The main specialization of the company – organizing and conducting events for corporate clients, and celebrations of various memorable events for individuals: – organization of conferences, forums, business meetings, receptions for the partners and the press; VIP meetings, maintenance and support of delegations, organizing a specific event in the life of the company (anniversary, birthday, professional holiday, etc.) to strengthen team spirit, team building, corporate events, corporate sport, holding social events and public (mass city events, charity events, sporting events). "Tent of Miracles" – an agency of the complete cycle in the organization of events and celebrations of any complexity. Because the agency is not a mediator, and provides all the services the organization activities on their own material and technical basis, it helps reduce the financial burden on the end user. Event-department agency specializes in the selection of program activities that will maximize meet customer requirements for organizing the event. Program activities include: selection and booking site in the Crimea, transfer, reception and accommodation of visitors and participants, individual and creative Technical scenario events, professional sound and lighting at the event, a single design platform design activities, catering (Catering), selection and booking of artists of different genres, national and international stars, photo and video records the event, holding a pyrotechnic show, preparing an advertising campaign at the event. The agency "Tent of Miracles" has a long experience of cooperation with the majority of producers' agency in Ukraine and Russia.

This allows us to offer the lowest prices on the market for the services of professional artists and presenters, pop stars, dance and vocal ensembles. To meet the challenges of organizing and conducting various levels meropriyatiq company has the technical base of the light, sound and multimedia equipment. Professional light and sound at events it becomes possible not only due to work of the best specialists, but also because the company has a long history of working with the best companies in the field of professional sound and light equipment. Thus, the agency "Tent of Miracles" may provide technical support at any level in the organization of corporate, private or public events.