I dreamed that it embarked in an airplane Day 17 of February of 2012, I dreamed that it embarked in a very great airplane the same had a great back slope of the width of a street. I entered for that back slope with many friends being they smarter I had taken its places I I still tried to place my luggage in the closets existing of the laterals of the airplane. soon the airplane raised the flight I was unbalanced calling for aid. The friends informing the crew, but did not have more skill suddenly I was there is on right wing touching in the horizontal helm that I put into motion for top I slid in the direction of the turbine holding the hoop there of I aluminate in the eaves of the engine. I imagined because not to be hot? It did not feel was silent and nor air, seemed to be all icecream. For some hours, I see myself in firm land together with the friends who had gone up me together with. I start to complain with the irado crew and with stewardess who did not take the knowledge to the commander of the ship, but my friends spoke that the crew did not believe that I was there on. I wanting to see to stewardess to speak of the miracle that happened with me. In the following day I was intrigued the type of airplane that I dreamed the skill mainly to embark for the back slope. I searched in the Google and I got the referring information the type of airplane is ' ' C 105 Amazonas' ' being that it is a tactical and versatile military airplane.