I dreamed that it embarked in an airplane Day 17 of February of 2012, I dreamed that it embarked in a very great airplane the same had a great back slope of the width of a street. I entered for that back slope with many friends being they smarter I had taken its places I I still tried to place my luggage in the closets existing of the laterals of the airplane. soon the airplane raised the flight I was unbalanced calling for aid. The friends informing the crew, but did not have more skill suddenly I was there is on right wing touching in the horizontal helm that I put into motion for top I slid in the direction of the turbine holding the hoop there of I aluminate in the eaves of the engine. I imagined because not to be hot? It did not feel was silent and nor air, seemed to be all icecream. For some hours, I see myself in firm land together with the friends who had gone up me together with. I start to complain with the irado crew and with stewardess who did not take the knowledge to the commander of the ship, but my friends spoke that the crew did not believe that I was there on. I wanting to see to stewardess to speak of the miracle that happened with me. In the following day I was intrigued the type of airplane that I dreamed the skill mainly to embark for the back slope. I searched in the Google and I got the referring information the type of airplane is ' ' C 105 Amazonas' ' being that it is a tactical and versatile military airplane.

The Nurse

But now it seemed to be lying in an aquarium, surrounded for cotton balls, floating; a light and diffuse luminosity, sultry, ininteligveis sounds. Nothing more. Still a time fainted; it passed a time: – of new one twenty minutes thought when it came back. It had voices, in return of it; – It was who advanced the signal, I am certain said somebody. – it was it who was on of the car; that taxista poor person did not have nothing to see. – He saw But you? He saw exactly? asked another voice – Yes; vi everything perfectly; I find that it wanted to die, wanted to commit suicide! .

Another voice: – Not, not! It was drunk had a bottle of wine in the hand! Joo desesperadamente tried to intervine; but all its activity if limited to the thought. Its conscience only registered its affliction. Not a word, a sound, a gesture. It even lacked force to it to open the eyes, to raise eyelids. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nieman Foundation. For the others, it was now only one bundle, wrapped up in gauzes, splices and esparadrapos; they would bet that it already was died; or that it would die in the two or three following hours.

Norm, scared with the disappearance of the Joo; it initiated a long one it looks for in police stations, hospitals, clinics and even in the IML, with the heart pressed for the desperation. It showed photographs, tried to describe it. It swims. It remade the way that Joo could have done; finally came back to the first hospital where it had been. The nurse-head showed the great hall, with twenty beds, all busy ones. He showed the coitados ones one by one, all strangers, lost, without name, identity, without conscience, that they gave only fast signals of life. Norm, in an increasing desperation, arrived until the last one, that one bundle of gauzes inside of which he was the Joo, and did not recognize it; it was there that it was given for looser. Pranto blew up in one convulso, without brakes, limits, agitated for violent soluos. It seated to the foot of the bed. The bag with the clothes of the Joo slid for the soil. there if it gave the miracle: That petty cash of music, that was still in the pocket of the coat, started to touch baixinho well. happy Night, happy night …… Is the Joo, the Joo! It only can be! They take off these bands, these gauzes, I want to see it! Joo! Joo! . Norm was laughing, soluando, crying, alliviated and aflita at the same time, almost histrica, extravasando all its feelings; The nurse head always sisuda, she lasts, she dries, almost she obtained to contain a tear but did not give to hold. There he was the Joo; there it was, really, a Christmas present! >.

The Spirit

In way that after all that time I had in hands two kilos of diamond of the best quality. I obtained a copper safe, I placed all there that wealth I embedded and it close to one grota the 5 meters of fundura. Never, nobody never discovered nothing, but I died in such a way of working and that immense wealth is still in the same place. I want that you travel until that place, have pulled out that safe, you catch diamonds, but attention, you only goes to be with the half of them. Sales to another half and give everything for the charity institutions.

Thus for I to only feel me here of this another side of the world happy, since I also was not good alive part when. You go to make this for me and you? I that I lived in the greater pindaba, its priest, raised the ears well and gave attention in the spirit well. He was offers very good and I spoke quickly: – I will make this with much taste, is enough you to indicate me the place and to teach the way to me most easy to pull out that wealth. What I have that to make? – In first place you go to arrange some money, therefore she goes to need, this I do not want to know as you go to obtain. Later you it goes to travel for Sant' Ana, looks for to sleep a night in an open pasture any. There I appear and it education as to make.

He does not need to have fear of me. I do not go to obtain to speak with you in a hotel, therefore somebody can hear the colloquy. – Humblly, its priest, vendi my barraco and all the stolens good that I had and travelled for Sant' Ana.