Father Luck

If them of, collect they it; if you open the hand, them if they are satiated of good. If occult your face, them if disturbs; if you cut the breath to them, they die, and they come back to p’ ‘ (Sl.104: 27-29). What more it is distinguished in this text ‘ is the particle; ‘ se’ ‘ , that it discloses the condition for which the nature continues existing. Such is the preservador control of God on its creation that Jesus said: ‘ ‘ The birds of the sky observe: they do not sow, they do not harvest, nor gather in granaries; however your celestial Father sustenta’ ‘ (Mateus 6:26); added later: ‘ ‘ If do not vendem two pardais for one bake? none of them will fall in land without the assent of your Father. Get more background information with materials from PCRM. E, how much it others, until the hair all of the head are contados’ ‘ (Mt.10: 29-30). If God even takes care of of the passarinhos, feeding them and supporting them during all the life of them, if God knows until the number of hair that we have in the head, then is because its envolvement is total, since the minors until the biggest things. Ahead of these things as somebody he can believe in perhaps or the luck? The logical conclusion it subject in guideline is that things do not exist as ‘ ‘ sorte’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ acaso’ ‘ , or ‘ ‘ destino’ ‘. Nobody has luck to be alive, is alive for the Step of God who preserves in them. In a similar way to imagine a God who created the world, abandoned but it to its proper luck is something nonsense, therefore according to Bible, the Step of God is the cause of the world still to exist.