The Behaviors

Specific objectives? To observe of the pupils in its pertaining to school routine, since the beginning until the end of its turn of lessons, including the interval for recreation. To observe the behaviors emitted during this space of time in the school? To analyze the pertaining to school description of the pupils and to identify more aggressive and uneasier? To apply a questionnaire? To identify the livened up drawing more attended? To apply the livened up drawing attended? To after verify which behaviors emitted during and the execution of the chosen drawing? To compare notes of the pupils ‘ ‘ agressivos’ ‘ with notes of the pupils ‘ ‘ quietos’ ‘ 3.0Justificativa the television is something that since that she was servant, it became one of the main ways of information and diversion it man, and the number of people who had started the adquiriz it passed to increase the years in accordance with and in full century XXI this device is had as a common good to the good part of the population. For the children, the television served as a good source of diversion and learning. Having seen the allure that it creates, the parents for the little time who possuam to follow and to take care of of the children had started to use the television as an instrument of control of the children, where he stops preventing that they expose themselves to the risks who the street can make use, use it to keep them in house. This bigger exposition of the child television and to the livened up drawings had made (and they make) with that it has left of the repertoire is I acquire for livened up drawings. The use of this acquired knowledge goes in accordance with to change the environment that the child lives and this environment goes to regulate the behavior of the child being basic in the development of the child.