Katrin Straesser

Many merchandise proves to be as a good extra income because without much Overhead of more products with a good margin can be inserted in the range. These other products depend on the orientation and size of your business. Examples are glass and ceramic goods, greeting cards, and home accessories. Up-selling, however, is to move customers to buy a higher quality product. So, by making him aware, for example, on special arrangements and thus attract the attention of customers. Customer loyalty customer loyalty is the third way with which a business can increase its turnover.

Why is this so? Many customers ever change the flower shop and buy somewhere else, for any reason whatsoever. So we always have a natural churn”or turnover of customers. Customer loyalty, however, means to counteract this natural fluctuation. It means to make the customers who have already purchased from you, regular customers and to make customers loyal regulars. The first step is to go back to always good quality and a Special and friendly service. So fresh plants, a smiling saleswoman and also a good price / performance ratio contribute to customer loyalty.

These aspects are unfortunately still not everywhere of course. Therefore, you have a good chance to stand out from your competitors alone on an excellent offer. Other possibilities are also special customer loyalty programmes. E.g. loyalty cards can be or bonus booklet, where your customer for repeated purchases from you with a small gift will be rewarded. With these three pillars, flower shops have the opportunity to keep their revenues stable even in tough times, and even increasing. Dr. Anne-Katrin Straesser is management consultant and author of the book the secret of marketing for flower shops.” This book appears in a few weeks on the market, but is available at in advance as an ebook.