National Government

Averages often obscure reality. In the case of transfers to the provinces, hide the fact that some (those who are obedient and disciplined governors) are favored to deny resources to the most unruly. While Entre Rios receives 1.6 billion for public works and the Chaco Jorge Capitanich rewarded him with 200, Cordoba is only 18 million and a half spin, while its governor, Juan Schiaretti threat to resort to court to get paid one hundred times that amount: 1,600 million pension commitments to the National Government had sworn that would work … before the agrarian conflict. For its part, Catamarca, where a radical ruling that stopped being K, Eduardo Brizuela del Moral, received approximately $ 20 million, but 100 calls from a debt that will mean the central state. And laid bare again how this law is not fulfilled, indignant really see how much money should be here today in each of the provinces and be reflected in works to improve education, health, safety, jobs, infrastructure, etc. .

Not be known with certainty where and how the government abused the little information that people have about these issues and many more. Vocabulary In this way as I am beginning to end this paper, but would not be complete without a conclusion. In the final conclusion that I’ve gotten is that the national government does not comply with either the constitution or the law 23 548. In the first place the “federal guarantee” that establishes the constitution is not met, since economic equality that should exist between the provinces there, it brings enormous differences between them and with them big problems, because having such a difference between the provinces many people in some of them migrate to other, looking for a better quality of life and comes up with the very serious population problems facing the country, where more than 25% of the population lives in one province. .