The Gift

It functions. This also is an exercise. Interesting an analysis to this tip in that the association says respect that is made with the maintenance of the perspectives. What this wants to say? Very probably, when you take a decision for impulse, you it is, at that accurate moment, suffering from what costumo to call intellectual blindness. This form, you it is leaving and abandoning the way of the side wisdom, leaving its perspectives and, depending on the situation, when to give account, can not have correction for the error.

Additionally, we must & ldquo; calibrar& rdquo; & ldquo; relaxem& rdquo;. This does not mean that we must simply rest and leave & ldquo; wood quebrar& rdquo; being valid us to be pacific people tranquilas and. Also we cannot confuse the positively energetic behavior, that has as its counterpoint the passivity, with impulsive behavior. They are different things. Summarizing history, let us analyze the difficult situations with wisdom, let us examine our condition to give an intelligent reply (either personally or for email) e, only when we will have security, tranquilidade and our recovered mental facultieses, let us answer. 9 & ndash; & ldquo; Refeio&amp enjoys one; rdquo;: What it means this? Let us look for to focar in what it is happening NOW.

At this accurate moment, in this as. How to intervene with the past? How to intervene with the future? It does not have as. Passed and future they are effect, not causes. to a large extent of the time, we are worried about both and we forget in to adjust them our attention to the gift. To the cause. To enjoy & ldquo; of one refeio& rdquo; it means, literally, that we must feeding in them well. To choose well what we ingest is an intelligence signal. If not to intervene with Now, our taxes go showing in them, more ahead, that we were made a mistake.

Auction Promises

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