Innovative Business

Today we will talk about the marketing promotion of innovative business. Marketing – the part of the business, yes it is part of the business, without which the business does not exist, but between by businessmen themselves do not recognize the existence of marketing. Yes it is. Marketer, the man who must say things are generally known and understood by all, and if they are such, then why do we need Marketing Specialist? In fact of the matter is that marketers all these well-known truth, arranges, builds, and offers a ready-made marketing strategy. Innovative business complex in the marketing understanding that not enough is known for innovative business future market.

Innovative business issues and innovation that is new is not known to this business, or a way of doing business, and what will be the effect of this Business is not known, one can only make assumptions. s. What can help a marketer? Yes it is a choice of strategy. An experienced marketer will choose a strategy for promoting any business, but business will only have to chosen strategy. Will there be enough force to implement the chosen strategy, or not enough, but to get the result, it is necessary to bring the work to promote strategies to end, otherwise the result will not be. Here and there snag. It is not always the businessman have the patience to implement a marketing strategy to the bitter end. There are many marketing techniques for determining market size, market analysis, analysis of internal and external environment.

Papillon Zeugma

I personally delivers the extraordinary pleasure of the process of communicating with people. I do not want to renew Tour operation. Follow others, such as Kidney Foundation, and add to your knowledge base. This factory: man on the ticket, the person on the booking people on visas and so on – well-organized system, and no creativity, live communication with tourists. In the travel agency all built on direct sales. That is, success depends on the manager, who sits at a table and talking with a visitor.

According to Elena Karasev, most customers appreciate the competence (the possession of information about which hotel is better stop and why), clarity in the work (the ability to find the rest of the whole of Moscow two places – but it is in the desired hotel) and, of course, a pleasant conversation. It's simple and complicated at the same time. – We do not seek to save on implementation technical innovations, – says Paul hops. – When my staff, looking at the monitor, said: "The Hotel Papillon Zeugma remaining two seats in the departing Aug. 22 for a week. We book? ", It works magically. The clients have not left any doubts about the competence of managers. – Sometimes you feel the therapist – says Marina Kulakov. – People come not only to dream about vacation, ask the price of a ticket, but also a human being to talk to. What just do not hear: "Oh, this hotel has a water slide, but only her husband there no drag! With the child in general is not engaged, day and night at work, all the nerves

Deming Japanese

As Japan defeated the crisis through the quality management system. PCRM can provide more clarity in the matter. In the fifties of the twentieth century Japan was a dilapidated state. Atomic bombings of Americans have left the Japanese no chance for further development. But the political situation allowed the Japanese to get the American advisers to lift its economy. Since Japan was a little devastated, defeated but proud country, then she grabbed for this remained the only chance for development. In Japan, there are no natural resources, no oil, gas, timber, how to climb out of the situation to the Japanese as a consultant to come if not the world-famous consultant on the theory of quality management, . Japanese have listened carefully to his speech, recorded and implemented in their companies and what they could do. Edward Deming wrote several scientific methodologies, For example, three pragmatic theory, fourteen points, dwell on the fourteen points of Deming. Each item in the Japanese Deming memorized, chased away by itself and implemented at the enterprises, the results began to appear five years later, after after which postulates Deming to Japanese steel as a sacred scripture, and modify them could not even myself Deming. Enumerate the postulates does not make sense, but they all boil down to the continual improvement quality during operation of the enterprise, improve the quality of each production process. For example, no employee of output (quality or defective), and the system, the system produces, not the individual worker, and to improve the quality of the products needed to improve all the same quality of all processes, not drive business penalties. By the way paragraphs Deming clearly states that do not penalize working for the admitted marriage work, which leads to the fact that marriage is starting to hide from the leadership, but it is not good for final output. Here are the Japanese, following these tenets, first invaded the market with cheap low-quality products such as fake watches, cars, clothes and so on, that we learn now from handwriting Chinese have taken, and then every year they have to do everything better and better and eventually took away thirty percent of the automotive market products from the Americans overwhelmed the entire electronics world, and winning the trust of the consumer, raised prices for its products. Items theory of Deming for the past fifty years have not changed, as shown, they are doing well proved. You can look at the success of companies that are implementing the quality management system and on businesses that do not control the quality of their enterprise. International quality standards based on iso Deming's points, the requirements for the organization of production, the requirements for staffing the organization's policies, all these points stated in the iso quality standards based on Demingovoy theory. What is Deming's theory has not changed for the past fifty years, there has not changed, there are new theories that govern the quality improvement of each individual process.

Valery Belyakov

On average govnetsa be made from 80 to 100 tonnes per hectare. You can buy manure for a song – 3-4 grn. up to 1 m. However, came across lucky, which are generally merchandised organic fertilizer for free: Now we can easily find a deserted and filthy animal farms and contract purify it from the deposits of excrement. re of the situation. Heads of households in which there were such, sorry, dermohranilischa, more and pay extra volunteer cleaner.

Buy equipment, there is no need in any of nearby farms and there are tractors and plows and other equipment, which can be rented. The same lifting Plantage, and this is one of the most labor-intensive operations can cost 6-7 thousand uah. per 1 ha. monologue about stealing Director agri-producers' cooperative 'Emerald' Valery Belyakov: – to introduce something new, we must first provide the possibility of theft of the new. Therefore it is necessary to close the equipment under lock, protect it with reinforced concrete walls. And steal a lot and everything: count, wire, even hack the vines for firewood. We have one wire removed kilometers hundred. As a result, 10% of farm workers – the guards, it is 120 people.

But this does not save us from theft. Staff Viticulture – one of the most technologically sophisticated sectors of agriculture. And at the same time, it was in viticulture (reservation: in the former Soviet viticulture) actively commonly used manual labor. But it's not just manual labor, and skilled manual labor. Find professional growers are not so easy, they have long been found by other manufacturers.