New Year Miracle

And if you believe in New Year's miracle? In childhood tale surrounds us everywhere. In the contrived mythical castles, fantastic animals and, of course, travels in a ghost country. But, as adults, people lose this fantastic illusion become more serious and boring. We get a second chance to relive it, this time with the help of our children, reading them bedtime stories, or writing to them with a new tale, the story, but with such marvelous Harry Potter and Star Wars. New Year's Eve – It's a special holiday! This is when the party atmosphere, people are full of happiness, desires are fulfilled, we would like to give everyone around him is good, and everyone expects a miracle! And you really never had a desire to become involved in the New Year's Miracle? One of the easiest ways to accomplish this – to make a call Santa Claus! Santa alone, or with his granddaughter granddaughter will allow your family, friends and colleagues may return to the time childhood, to feel light-hearted fun. And if your family has children, you just need to call Santa Claus home. After all, kids are for sure know that they need a year to behave well, be obedient, and then in the New Year Night will come Santa Claus and give him a welcome gift. Imagine how he would be happy!

The French

Present the future of the smaller members of the family also presented with after he was born. The basis of this it is easy to see the signs, but talk about this once again is still not worth it. Center for Responsible Business may not feel the same. Oddly enough, a hint of bad luck can be seen in the most familiar things. Such a common gift, like flowers, you should review before you give. The language of flowers can talk not about what you had in mind when buying a bouquet.

For example, dahlias mean moodiness and inconsistency, phlox – parting, dark red roses – in mourning. Flowers in a pot, so beloved by all in recent times, also can be regarded as not too good gift. Gift of "raw land" contained in the pot, it is considered a harbinger of disaster emergency. If you do not want you dear people ill, not giving him anything that you can "buy in pharmacy. Fairly common gift for older parents – electronic devices for measuring pressure, temperature, etc. not too successful as a present from the point of view to take.

Gifts "with a distance" could be called perfume and tie. The French believe that the spirits of a woman can give only a very close person to give such a present from someone else, it seems to be "moving away" from her husband. Tie, in contrast, "relates the" who gives and gifted, so that it may serve only one with whom birthday is already "connected" to any bond (wife, mom).


If long enough, for example, in the year to monitor the situation of the sun, we can see that its height above the horizon at different days will be unequal: the largest – June 22, while the lowest – 22 December. These days are called days of summer and winter solstices. Twice a year, on 21 March and 23 September, the sun rises at the east (at the intersection of lines of the horizon and the celestial equator, or more precisely, the equator and the ecliptic), and comes just at the west (also on crossing the line just to the west). These days it is above and below the horizon the same time (that is, the day is night), and therefore they are called days of vernal and autumnal equinoxes. Between March 21 and September 23 the sun rises north east of the point and, conversely, between September 23 and March 21 – south of it. These four dates: March 21, June 22, September 23 and December 22 – all, of course, are well known. It is in these days in the northern hemisphere begins (in the astronomical sense), spring, summer, autumn and winter. If the cause of the Sun on the celestial sphere, we obtain a circle.

This is a great circle, representing the celestial sphere visible path of the sun among the stars during the year called, as already mentioned, the ecliptic, the plane in which it lies – the ecliptic plane. Along this circle are the zodiacal constellations, which are mainly the names of real or mythical animals. Division of the zodiac begins with the vernal equinox, March 21. Each sign is approximately 30 days, ie, that period of time during which the Sun (relative to the Earth) moves to the corresponding 1 / 12 of celestial ecliptic. Now a few words directly to the zodiac. If we divide the ecliptic, starting from the vernal equinox, in the course of the sun, into 12 equal parts, you get 12 sectors of the celestial sphere. This is zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.


Recently, wandering in an endless web of the internet, stumbled across an interesting site show group "Wild Imagination." Do not think anything wrong – the guys come out with trained animals. Who are they there just is not: and dwarf Vietnamese pigs (mini-piggies), and three-meter pythons, and even monkeys, in general, the present visiting circus. About the trained animals always a lot of controversy. Every parent believes their duty to reduce the child to the circus but if you ask him for this, he would reply that trainers – flayer, mocks the animals for their own benefit. But on second thought, immediately raises several questions: First, even with content of dogs or cats there a lot of problems, although feed are sold in almost every shop, and if you imagine that you have a live crocodile or monkey. How to care for them? After all, they also need a special diet, temperature regime, and many, many things which can not be bought in stores. It turns out that not anyone can make yourself some exotic – it needs shoveled a lot of literature, to spend time, and forget about the carefree life for the next fifteen to twenty years. But this is only half the battle, one must still this something to teach.

That's why the trainer – a narrow circle of people, usually dynasty, transmitting all secrets from generation to generation. And secondly, the tigers with shiny hair or thick-fed monkeys do not seem much so exhausted and starving. They say that trainers love their pets like their own children. Well you are not going to beat or starve their own child! With specific regard to the "Wild Fantasies" – is a site dedicated trained animals that do not perform in a circus or tent, and arrive at children's parties adults or corporate parties. These little creatures are not only trained but also hand, they can stroke, hold in their hands, take pictures – in short, all the thirty-three pleasures. At the celebration, you can invite as one number, duration of 10-15 minutes, or an entire hour-long program, with the participation of nine exotic animals: tiger python, alligator caiman, iguanas, a mini-pigov, funny monkeys, rats and charming decorative Long-eared dog. Since the animals are available for presentations on pirate parties, Halloween or New Year.

It is worth all this fun is relatively cheap: from six thousand in number. But conveniently, does not need to go anywhere: the circus comes to you on a country station or directly to the city apartment. Artists group show "Wild Imagination" act on the most famous sites in Moscow and Moscow region, shot in various programs and even give charity concerts. Their program is constantly being updated, new pets and new facilities. In my opinion, trained animals will make any occasion memorable, give a lot of impressions that will last a lifetime. After all, not in a zoo or a circus you can not communicate so closely with such rare fauna as the crocodile or monkey, pet them or hold in their hands. This is a unique opportunity to present yourself and your loved ones this holiday.