Alexander Nastasi

harms us cellular? Article by building biologist Alexander Nastasi was Heidelberg / Germany – December 14, 2009 new mobile network enabled what we should from the point of view of building biologists and author Alexander Nastasi note? Hardly UMTS has been activated, the industry is once again hungry for higher data width, faster networks and born was the revision of paragraph 8 of the UMTS network in Germany and the use of the new G4 network in Stockholm and Oslo, which comes to us with all its disadvantages. Because unlike the majority of the population has to do Nastasi every day with high-frequency radiation, however he is not active in mobile communication in which also some years – worked but in terms of building biology so healthy living and here the area instruct people who sleep poorly, anxiety or chronic diseases have on him with the investigation of the House / apartment. Sleep place study says that while the mobile is the problematical part measuring, if also not exactly, as he tells us. Check out Nieman Foundation for additional information. The People want can use most anywhere mobile phone, at the same time they want to be happy, healthy and remain, but the many EMF leads to situations of stress in the body and the body for weeks, sometimes no longer relax over months and years, which inevitably leads to failure phenomena. Let’s compare that with a machine: each makes sense, when I run day and night a machine, they must be serviced regularly, and have a considerably higher wear than, for example, the machine, which only occasionally thrown.

To transfer this example to the body, we need our regeneration phase we have at night. During this time the body builds defective cells and performance. Our body but also at night is under stress, it can do so only partially or not. Chronic pain without clear to advertising from medical background, tension, headaches, are the result of that every day can be seen Nastasi, up to Blood changes and really bad diseases.

Innovation Foundation Hamburg

The patented technology allows music enjoyment for mobile devices without permanent Internet connections Hamburg 15 September 2009 with the launch of its digital radio radio country what’s your mood today’ sets the Hamburg radio Park GmbH & co. KG new standards in the mobile world. A new global technology guarantees highest sound quality and up to date without the need for a permanent network connection. So the mobile phone users can hear whenever and wherever his personal favorite program the contents are transmitted through short updates and cached on the device. The revolutionary approach and the development of the radio country mobile clients are supported by the Innovation Foundation Hamburg. Radio country opts for operating systems and large enough memory card with its patented technology of the new generation of smartphones, such as Android, Symbian, Apple, or Windows Mobile devices. From 12th October radio Park equips for the first time, the new Google phone, the HTC magic with its music programs.

On the 12th of October can interested then download the application in the Android market, and their three favorite channels subscribe to. In addition, the complete programme bouquet is the registered users on available. By pure soul of smooth jazz to pop stations, there is something for every taste in music”, says CEO Arndt-Helge Grap. The radio Park Group developed successfully professional in addition to the new mobile radio and music psychologists point have developed audio programs for use at the point of sale, of interest, on radio and on the Internet. Customers include cruise ships such as the AIDA fleet and many premium hotels such as the luxury Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. Also the Office market chain STAPLES and the Balzac’s coffee shop chain use the audio branding created by radio Park.