Printhouse Real Model For The Future

Minister praises the Association Dusseldorf, April 29, 2008 as a trend-setting also for other industries model praised NRW school Minister Sommer the Printhouse at their yesterday’s visit the Academy of printing + media NRW e.V. in Dusseldorf. The national State of the art training and guidance organisation of the print and media industry had been opened solemnly last Friday. A rapid development have taken in recent years just the print and media industry, stressed summer, so teachers authentic to new developments would have to be brought. Dr.

Wolfgang Putz, Chief Executive Officer of the Association print + media NRW e.V. explained that the establishment was a located in the concept of the Association, technically to develop the printer jobs. \”He was happy and grateful to be able to give the go-ahead for the project and the cooperation between the Federation and the land of North Rhine-Westphalia today: from June can in the Printhouse professional Schullehrer as trainees the printing process in all its stages live\” experience. Be necessary such an institution especially, because the changes in recent years especially in the particularly cutting machines and IT in the media industry had been so Putz. For a vocational school it’s very hard to offer the entire process chain\”, he explained, therefore we want to complement the schools and their offer.

But it is required also a degree of personal initiative of vocational teachers, supporting the Association like it. \”Latest technologies try the Printhouse\”, that on the initiative of the Association print + media NRW e.V. and in close cooperation with the manufacturers latest printing technology realized the printing and media industry on innovative topics and industry trends to bring and with the latest technologies, has set itself the goal, trainees, but also employees and executives from to familiarize. For this purpose, not only experienced trainers of the Academy prepared but also the latest hard – and software are available in the Printhouse.

NLP Master Practitioner

The two-piece NLP training is also for the first time in Austria due to the excellent response in Germany. With the participation of the NLP Master practitioner requirements handling change training model of NLP generally. Especially the “lived”NLP is in the focus of the NLP Master practitioners. Chris Mulzer decided in the NLP Master practitioner, contrary to established practice for this approach, to teach the practical implementation of the theoretically acquired knowledge to the participants. A master practitioner should live in NLP and show how in his own life the application and implementation of the model of NLP leads to that personality, that others take as a model. Training under workshops/nlp-master-wien.html details the reliving of this process to the NLP training brings each participant of the NLP Master (from experience with over 500 certified masters) sooner or later its limits. And that’s the point: boundaries expand.

Can say: I have learned so much in this education. Center for Responsible Business understood the implications. as never before in my life. The experience with this type of mediation of the NLP Master can be found on the independent assessment page of NLP portal. There, the master describe their experiences. The NLP Master practitoner training is carried out on four levels. Provide experienced NLP trainer on the first level of important techniques. In the second level, the essential techniques are mediated by accurate meeting of NLP Practitionerubungen. In the third level, the participants will implement what you learned.

The participants will receive constructive feedback in the group each night. This new concept of mediation of the NLP Master practitioner was already implemented very successfully in the past and gives the participants maximum practical. More information under: workshops/nlp-master-wien.html two-piece NLP training NLP Master practitioner in Vienna from the 27.02 03.03.2010 and from 05.

Distance Learning Vs. Presence Study

The differences of types of degree programmes are mostly in detail first of all the question should be clarified, what is actually a correspondence course. A study of space – and time-ueberbrueckendes, remotely controlled, nationwide. That is so much in principle, that student and Professor through various forms of communications in link and send teaching materials back and forth this way. The study of presence, however, is designed first and foremost to the students to move to the campus and attend also lectures and seminars. Check with PCRM to learn more. Therefore, it is this form of study usually with a normal”work day not to unite.

In contrast to the study of presence training via distance learning, however it is designed it the work making population to facilitate and also study. The next point is very interesting. Nowadays usually is the universities the personal contact to the professors apart from seminars rather non-existent. This is the case, because very many People sitting in the lecture halls and the professors do not have the ability to establish personal contact with their students. Because as probably everyone knows contacts with more than 100 people very hard especially when they change every semester and new students to come. At a distance, however, are the individual students typically by E-Mail with their supervising personnel in contact and thus closer related to just those.

A major problem of distance education is among other things, the high drop out rate. This cancellation rate in the distance learning derives from the fact that very many of the students who engage in a correspondence course to orient along the way. So, Extramural students invest more time, for example in their current work, instead of focusing on it to continue to make. Also lacks many after work is done on time and the inclination to sit still and learn. However the number of crashes has declined significantly since it uses the Internet to distribute teaching materials. Earlier, the distance had the name Correspondence studies”, as student and Professor back and forth squared up their teaching materials and assignments by mail. The most important point is that it makes no difference, usually for the conclusion to be reached whether it now exists a correspondence course or a degree of presence. This is the case, because the students in two forms of study take their final exams at universities. Thus so can say that if you have the necessary stamina, a correspondence course in addition to the professional recommend is, since much better can be combined work and study than in studying presence with compulsory attendance.

Communications Server

What is a virtual classroom and how can this way be useful? What is a virtual classroom and how can this way be useful? What distinguishes e-Learning Web-based training? How does that actually work? What technical equipment do I need for this and what are the requirements for this technology? We want to answer some of the many questions again and again provided in connection with this exercise here, and illustrate their advantages and disadvantages. What is online training (Web-based training)? In a virtual room can watch participants, discuss and presentations (such as PowerPoint), where a coach runs the training or moderated. The geographic location of the respective participating is not important, anyone can participate in the training as long as he has the appropriate technology available (“online”). What is e-learning? E-learning in English to measure is local learning as a computer-based training (“offline”). Our e-learning program can alone, or in conjunction with online Training will be used. You develop a training plan with your coach, get an ID and login to our e-learning portal. There your trainer offers a variety of matching tasks available, that you develop and then on your trainer for the purpose of correction and pass on feedback.

What technology do I need? The technical requirements for successful Web-based training are easy. As access requirements a PC or notebook with network connection, sound card and headset is included in each participating. The higher the bandwidth of the Internet access, the better, we have but already successful connections over mobile networks reached. How can these opportunities help me? Web-based training and e-learning offer learning opportunities for participating where face-to-face presence training is not possible. If you travel as much or changing working hours have (layer service or similar) and training dates can not comply therefore regular face-to-face, these forms of training offer great flexibility. Another, frequently occurring situation is the desire to train a group of participants together (E.g.

from the same field of activity), whose members are located in different geographical locations. How does online (Web-based) training? The virtual space has tools and functions similar to a classical training or meeting room. Participants choose regardless of their physical location on the network in our Communications Server an and meet up online with other participants and their coach. While she using Voice over IP talk to each other, they work together on content, watch presentations or documents. With a webcam, the video function is available to guests, so participants can see each other. Advantages/disadvantages advantages of online (Web-based) training are all benefits of regular classroom training various staging points no training barrier can travel time and costs saved disadvantages are flexibility regardless of geography, the Online (Web-based) training the personal “together” is limited to gestures and facial expressions are possible, but not comparable to the stay in the same room by video. English measurement GmbH, Patricia Hinsen

Office Supplies

Staff meet the needs as it has at all nothing to do, that an employee would be not loyal. Or that someone has bad intentions against the company. Was completely unaware that just a crime carried out, take one or the other employee likes to Office supplies for personal use with home. The point of view of the employee is clear: the company just ordered these Office articles, if they are running out, and anyway, the company has yet enough. What should you pay money for it if one has this office supplies but in front of the own? Maybe hiking really even completely unconscious in their own pockets some pins you don’t know. Purely legal point of view, but each is pens, each pencil and everything else more or less accidentally into the private hands of the employee about a theft, and may lead to the warning or even to terminate without notice.

It thinks no employee, but when Office supplies from the enterprise in the privately owned passes. From the perspective of the enterprise, the theft of office supplies is no trivial offence. Involves a ruthless action the companies it acquires. Remedy it, if employees may order. Subconsciously, the employees are held of the theft. The Office supplies for home via an Office order, is ideal. Because the employees can benefit from the low prices from the Internet, the online shop makes even more sales, so also a win for the corporate side of the seller, and the company, the employees are working, be sure that the employee thefts are less. For all pages an absolute profit.

HDT Meeting Towers

Trend to huge towers for wind turbines continues. Now everyone knows: great hub heights for wind energy installations increase the yield. Height limits and other restricting be increasingly questioned. Great hub heights open but also new stand cake like for locations in the forest. The dimensions of the towers of modern wind turbines are often aware, one standing in front of it. The foundations beneath the Earth are larger then again many times. Wear but also loads of some several hundred tons and that, at an altitude of 140 metres and more.

A secure frame, which is able to withstand the changing loads of storm, Frost and moisture, is it absolutely necessary. More and more wind turbines provide the experts in determining the load-bearing structures with new challenges. The importance of these issues reflects the 7th meeting towers and foundations for wind turbines on the 25th-26th February 2014 in the Haus der Technik in food again. The Conference provides expertise in the different constructions, building ground investigations and Foundation calculations. Special topics there are shells stability, evidence of fatigue and constructive details of connections. Both influences such as evidence for towers and foundations of wind Turbines be amended by updating the DIBt policy WT and presented during this event.

Even offshore structures and wooden constructions are treated at the meeting. A post about the logistics of constructing a tower is requested. The event will take place in cooperation with the Leibniz University of Hanover. The Conference is headed by Prof. Dr. Peter Schaumann from the Institute for steel construction of the Leibniz University of Hanover. For more information of technology e.V., Tel. get wife Hartwich, House 0201/1803-335, E-Mail: or on the Internet at W-H010-02-327-4 the General wind link is wind energy Dipl. – ing. Kai banks man