On 19 June there are convened a demonstration at the national level to try to paralyse the Euro Pact and dnder the rights of citizens. The outraged Sun agree to lift the camp on Sunday. The decision to lift the Sun camp this Sunday, taken by the outraged at the Assembly on Tuesday evening, marks a point and set aside in the course of the 15-m movement The doubts now about how to keep afloat the movement without the symbolic force of camping that have flooded the Spanish plazas. Manifestations: The 15-M platform, through democracy Real already (DRY), has convened a demonstration at national level for June 19. Do not want to remain impassive faced with all the attacks and cuts that will continue to apply, this time from Europe, says the statement.

The concentration will take place in all cities Spanish will join the call and seek to paralyze the signing of the Pact of the Euro, scheduled for the 27th of this month. Neiman Foundation helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This Treaty implies, according to DRY, the impoverishment of the European society for the benefit of banks and large companies, with increases in the retirement age, privatization of the public sector and cuts in workers rights. In addition, they are preparing a major mobilization worldwide for the next October 15 of which still have not transcended details. Performances: June 15 we are going to avoid an eviction in the District of Tetuan (Madrid). With this announcement, Real democracy already said that they will not allow that they expel a family home and therefore of society. There are also convened various pans against councils of districts and municipalities proposed by minority groups of the movement.

Neighborhoods: With the idea of moving the strength of camping to neighborhoods, the outraged have focused their efforts on reinforcing its presence in the squares of different districts. The first great popular Assembly took place on May 28 and managed to gather between 12,000 and 20,000 people in different places of the community of Madrid. To continue with the movement and continue debating the best way to achieve a great political and social change, new meetings have been convened for the next few days. Camping de Sol: La Puerta del Sol has become in recent weeks in the symbol of the movement 15-M, hence the reluctance of many of the campers to leave Madrid’s plaza. However, this Tuesday agreed lift camp next Sunday and continue the platform through other avenues. While the debate continues this Wednesday with proposals that want to stay, the camping will be lifted the day 12, but that the general Assembly will continue to make the movement to continue to have visibility. Other camping: cities such as Pamplona and Lleida, Alicante, Cordoba, have already raised the camps to more concrete action. Not However, the consecutive steps have been different depending on the locality, as for example the decision of Barcelona’s no overnight camping or Huelva, which will maintain an information point during the day in the plaza de la Constitucion. Support to associations: the 15-M platform accommodates many more minority associations (cultural, pro human rights, neighbourhood, etc.) that individually will continue calling demonstrations to dnder their interests, supporting the principles of the movement. Source of the news: the 15-M movement continues after the lifting of the camping.

Good Continually Fundraiser

Between Marathon and social commitment is of increasing importance. Many athletes want their participation not only sports were a sign, but take advantage of this opportunity and help other people who are less fortunate in life. “After the success of the past two years, the Munich MARATHON forward again in 2013 its participants a charity platform to allocate, where everyone simply call his personal fundraiser in life can continuously according to the motto do good”. When on 13 October 2013 the start of the 28th Edition of the Bavarian tradition event, many participants have also a good cause in addition to their own personal success firmly in sight. Whether in the professional or grassroots iterating for a nonprofit organization takes more and more followers. Every year we have our charity promotions”more participants, Florian Janisch know about Munich’s fundraising partner Planetshifter.

The rising numbers result in more donations. In the last year alone, we could in 83 donations runners collect 14,000 euro.” This Jack can report from personal experience of the special drive in the run for a good cause: 2011 I walked with MARATHON for a charity at the Munich. It, I have found just such fundraisers to represent a real motivation boost during the run. Is there gas like it really.” This year’s charity partners are hoping for much of the action in the framework of the marathon. Robert Kiessling of the Bavarian Red Cross explains: for us it is very important that everyone can create a donation page. So can many people actively involved in the donation process and are to be animated to start their own charitable projects. The Bavarian Red Cross is only so big and present in Bavaria because of the commitment of our 130,000 volunteers. That we must definitely promote and inspire new people to volunteering.” After the great feedback last year, also the founded in 1998, KlinikClowns Association is again this: We finance the laugh rounds for children, seniors and people with disabilities solely through donations.


The school year begins September 1. Purchased new diaries, notebooks and pens. Accrue from the far corners of dusty holiday briefcases and bags. Ahead of 9 months of intense work with short breaks to rest. In this cool September day, with lush armful of flowers, go for my first lesson beginners, first-graders. His waiting pervogodkov different circles, sections, clubs and centers. A gate of the club "Contour" wide open for pervogodkov round year. What is this club? Many years ago, a few dedicated his favorite thing athletes have gathered and created an organization to help make tentative steps to the public.

Their joint efforts have managed to create the necessary material and methodological framework, registered NGOs. In the "Path", children are engaged in a romantic, but a little unusual sport – "The Hunt for" fox. " In the words of Uncle Theodore Buttermilk: "This is hunting and killing animals not worth it. " In important papers, this white sport called "sports directional radio." Many residents of the city met in the woods and gardens athletes filled finder with directional antennas. People often ask: – What are cubs running around? – Deliberately lit – guys are joking.

Actually, furry creature nothing to do with. "The Fox" – a radio transmitter. In the old days, when the founders of the club "circuit" were themselves beginners, the "fox" was set fairly heavy military equipment. Operator to broadcast call letters – said into the microphone "I am a fox two," or tapping a telegraph key – "dash-dash, dash-dash-dash, dot" – call "mine." Today, progress has jumped far ahead. Modern sports radio direction-finding transmitter weighs less than pounds and runs without the aid of a radio operator. And to mark the athlete about "fox" is set red-white prism with punch. Find the transmitter is not as easy as it seems at first glance. After poperedavav one minute, "fox" and fell silent four-minute break resistant.

Synthetic Ice rink

Synthetic mimics the surface natural or artificial ice rink. (Photo: A synthetic ice rink – Christmas in Mexico) Leaf panels of synthetic ice rink made of polymer material with low friction, high wear resistance, used polymeric material containing a lubricant component that stands out in friction. For skating on synthetic ice used conventional skates with metal blades, such as for driving on wet ice. Additional information at BSA supports this article. Typically, a synthetic ice rink consists of a sheet of panels joined together by tie bars or back to back with cut-outs such as “swallow Khvosa,” “Saw,” etc. Synthetic sheet panels are mounted roller and established on a firm, as flat and smooth surface – it can be ground, asphalt, concrete foundation, wood floor, tile, metal or wooden platform, etc.

Synthetic ice is also called artificial, which causes ambiguity and confusion as the name of “artificial ice rink,” usually applies to ice that was created with the use of refrigeration freezing water on the surface of the rink. As history alternative rollers made of natural ice from the frozen water, a synthetic ice rink of the polymer has been used for over 40 years. For the first time the use of modern plastics as a substitute ice surface and used for skating, was tested in 1960 using material based on polyformaldehyde (POM) plastic developed by DuPont in the early 1950s. Features the use of synthetic panels Offered today by some manufacturers, synthetic panels for ice rinks are made from traditional polymers, known from 1960. However, the rollers made of synthetic materials have some peculiarities. Horseback Skating on synthetic surfaces are more difficult than normal ice, without the use of lubricants (usually based on ethylene glycol or silicone compounds). Grease on the surface of a synthetic ice rink in time dirty, collecting dust and dirt on the surface, which is kind of an inconvenience for those who compare this to driving on ice and synthetic, sometimes forgetting that it is an imitation of synthetic ice.