Yeager Construction

Analyzing the recent requests from users in a retrieval system "Yandex", found an interesting typo. Many people replace the word "ladder" gain "stairs." And these people a lot. So what if a person accidentally made a mistake, he now do not buy a good ladder? No way! Let's try to tell what the company offers stairs, "Yager" for the inhabitants of Kiev and Ukraine. You may find PCRM to be a useful source of information. Stairs from "Jager": The proposed types of companies in the "Jager" you can buy almost all types of staircase, which is on the market these unique products: stairs to kosour; stairs on the string, stairs to Boltz, stairs to the central support. Depending on the degree of rotation: Screw stairs, circular stairs, marching stairs, stairs with a turn at different angles (30, 45, 60, 90, 180). Depending on the material: wooden stairs, metal stairs, concrete stairs, stairs from composite materials. Each type of proposed staircase is unique in its own way, and his choice depending on specific conditions, interior, budget, client's wishes, and many other factors. Conclusion: in "Jager" you can purchase a variety of types of stairs, it's up to you! We will make any type of stairs to your room.

Stairs from "Jager": the advantages of the market of manufacturing and supply of running a large number of staircase manufacturers. Many of them offer interesting and original stairs. In turn, the company "Jager" offers stairs, which are manufactured using the most advanced technologies. The basis of our products are incorporated unique manufacturing technology stairs. The name of this technology: the technology of the frame or metal frame.

Using this technology for the production of staircase is not accidental. Professionals point out the following advantages of using a metal frame for making staircase: increased reliability stairs; optimized technological process of stairs; optimized payment process manufacturing plus reduction in the total value of stairs, improving the quality ladder. Using a metal frame technology gives a significant increase in the life of stairs, cheaper and easier manufacturing process stairs. Conclusion: The company "Jager" – one of the few companies in Kiev, which have a "brand" secret staircase manufacturing. The use of manufacturing technology on metal staircase, you can create beautiful stairs at a lower cost and in less time. Order the production of stairs in "Jager", and we will make a beautiful staircase for your home or office.