Scientology Church Germany

The victims with food, water, toiletries and warm clothing was supplied within 24 hours after the disaster in Japan traveled the first group of Japanese voluntary Scientology of chaplain in the vicinity of Sendai and Shiroishi. They support the medical staff and rescue teams and help with the logistics of food, water and warm clothing to provide the victims. Shortly after the earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami, teams of volunteer Scientology made priests in Japan, Australia and New Zealand together. The teams afford before local disaster relief and help with the logistics for the supply of victims. Advance four groups of clergy in the disaster area were sent to see what ever is required. They visited over 2,400 Evakurierungslager such as gyms and other emergency shelters. They spoke with the victims and officials, to find out, what is needed most.

Now clergymen from all over Japan in Tokyo gathered all volunteer Scientology. From there, the Japanese developed Clergy as quickly as possible a supply plan, which within a short time also implemented was. The victims with food, water, toiletries and warm clothing could be supplied thus. In the following days, more clergy from New Zealand and Australia came to actively support the Japanese clergy. Priority was also to assist the local medical staff and rescue teams in their work.

Other teams are in different shelters and help victims with the successful methods used by L. Ron Hubbard, to mitigate the suffering of its people. Many people has been helped by the helpful methods. Thus many people could recover from the trauma of the disaster. Already in a few days after the disaster, the Scientology Volunteer could help spiritual more than 5,000 people. The clergy also work closely with the Mexican rescue specialists Los topos”together. These teams are specially trained to find victims from rubble and mountains. More volunteers Church drove the Scientology from Tokyo to Sendai, located south of Tokyo. There the tsunami washed down just dozens of homes in a valley. Nevertheless, many houses were damaged, some are again inhabited by people. The local inhabitants are now clearing away debris and mud as well as and rebuild of their homes. To judge from the current situation, it seems that the cleanup and reconstruction work will last some months. The full recovery of entire cities will take some years to complete.