Miracle Always

“The new single by Tom Kruse – there is again always wonder the party hit 2010 is the wait finally over: miracle always renders it” is the new hit song by Tom Kruse. For the first time, there is now the pop-cult-hit in the current party sound! The singer- songwriter Tom Kruse managed the leap into the top League of the party artists within a very short time. So placed himself likable newcomer with his first party Schlager hit right on the compilation Apres Ski hits 2009 “(EMI), which was awarded gold for more than 100,000 sold units. Countless live performances led to a steadily growing fan base. Written by Tom Kruse and 2009 published episode title you dance GOGO”Advanced quickly to the absolute duration burner in the party scene, with placements on well-known TV compilations like Ballermann hits 2009” (EMI) and Ballermann hits party 2010 “(EMI). Tom Kruse songs are produced by the hit mix team (including works for Tim Toupet, Axel Fischer, DJ otzi, Brunner & Brunner, Nik P. Read more from Boy Scouts of America to gain a more clear picture of the situation. u.v.m.).

Tom Kruse is now with his brand new hit wonder there always are”raring and meets it at the party and Discofox fans in the middle of the heart. The original song, one of the most popular German Schlager, marked the beginning of her international career for Katja Ebstein. With this title she ended up song contest Eurovision 1970 in Amsterdam on the 3rd. Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the song, there is the Grand Prix classic now for the first time in the current party sound. By Tom Kruse incomparable emotional and modern Sung, convinced miracle it always returns”with a congenial mix of pop cult hit and punchy, contemporary instrumentalisation. The choruses in particular are ideal to sing along on Mallorca, in Germany to celebrate the German football miracle in the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Miracles always there again and Tom Kruse delivers the ultimate anthem, which will run this year at all public viewings, in stadiums and on every party up and down for those magical moments with his new hit. And these Stadium hit will be heard all over the place definitely also after the World Cup! “The charts portal says: so Tom Kruse has brought a mega cult hit to new life and him to rediscover the young generation of the party that is super well done!” German music is in like never before and the new German party wave mega ICH. “With female doctor & Manny Marc, all over Germany is the spare music fever, DJ otzi ends up with a star” the most successful single of the past decade, the new hit parade celebrates their brilliant comeback at RTL2 and all dance and celebrate the hits by Jurgen Drews, Tim Toupet, Olaf Henning, Michael Wendler, Andrea Berg, Helene Fischer and Tom Kruse. This proves with miracle there are always”be instinct for mass-compatible party hits and brings fresh wind in the German music scene with his consistent, young music style. Hit-wonder always reflects it! Source: Erich Abubakar music agency HIT MIX more info under:

NYCity Mike Faulkner

Hip hop legend public enemy plays their classic album “fear of A black planet’ live (thk) almost exactly two years after their acclaimed performances, public enemy perform again in Germany. “From October 30 to November 10 is the most revolutionary hip-hop band in the world” (Suddeutsche Zeitung) in this country on the move with a special program: is at the heart of her nearly two-hour performance the success album fear of A black planet “(1990). There are meaningful lyrics about racism, mixed marriages, including a sustained indictment of municipal police (“911 is A joke”) framed by complex, funky music. “‘ Most famous song, the the two MCs Chuck d and the popular bird of paradise Flavor Flav, Professor handle (vocals), DJ Lord, NYCity Mike Faulkner (drums) and Brian Hardgroove (bass), Khari Wynn (guitar) together with the three-person crew of the S1W play: fight the power”, according to the music channel VH1, best hip hop track of ever”! Tickets for an evening with the well-known US formation”(in German) 24 to 30 euros (plus fees). They are available at the ticket offices.

Internet Prince

“The great buecher.de raffle with exclusive fan packages to the theatrical release of ‘Prince of Persia’ as Prince of Persia” in 1989 for the first time on different computer systems the light of the world saw, expected no one that the game soon at the forefront of the action-adventure game “genres would become. But the realistic representation of the movements as well as the new combat system were revolutionary and set new standards in the history of video games. Today, 20 years and 15 sequels later, climb, shimmy and fighting the Persian Prince for the first time about the cinema screens. The sands of time the standard story, in all Prince of Persia “games primarily by freeing a captured Princess is, is more subtle in the current feature film and was expanded through the exciting story of Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina to Fireworks canvas, action-packed. The two aims, with the help of the mysterious sands of time to stop the evil nobleman Nizam, who wants to seize the power in the Empire itself. But on the way to Nizam and the rescue of the Kingdom some numerous opponents in the way, which must be overcome in breathtaking action scenes confronted the. Director Mike Newell made Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina in addition to an impressive special effects Fireworks, primarily on a high-profile cast for his Kinoblockbuster. So Arterton playing already in clash of the Titans and James Bond in addition to newcomers like Gemma: quantum of solace was brilliant, also acting greats like Ben Kingsley, who became famous due to his many character roles.

For the role of the smart, muscular Prince dastan, Newell but chose none other than Hollywood superstar Jake Gyllenhaal. This convinced especially in his last films incredible variability, what went on the character portrayal of his role. The sweepstakes to the theatrical release to the screen debut of the successful video game series starts the great Prince of Persia “sweepstakes, for the lovers of exciting action movies and oriental atmosphere exclusive buecher.de Fan packages can win. These are the novel to the film and a Prince of Persia “-Trinkflasche metal. among other things from 2 free ticket, Further information to the competition and Prince of Persia”is there in the online-shop of buecher.de and buecher.de’s blog. Contact: buecher.de GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web: about buecher.de: buecher.de is the online shop with over five million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from buecher.de and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the buecher.de shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.

Party Version

A bad start for Carpenter, with borrowed plumes decorate, write outraged fans of Antonia in Internet forums, they resent the music stealing of the young artist. Then, Antonia aus Tirol is TV garden, a second time in the season in the ZDF in the July 2009 again with their new Tornero Version(Party Version), also Anna Maria Zimmermann was here to see, but sang a different title, so well, at least the ZDF attaches importance the originals if you paid already GEZ fees as a consumer you should expect that. “” “Anders but in private there appears the version of EMI Music in the Ballermann hits” in October in the new hit parade “and now you can calculate probably also in the upcoming apres ski hits” everything on RTL 2 sung by Anna Maria Zimmermann. In the Internet, the management announced, Antonia is deliberately blocked as an original artist of this Tornero version of RTL 2 because this was offered by our record and rejected. In fact, the research shows that EMI Music maintains a very close business relationship with RTL 2. A broadcaster like RTL 2 is so instructed the funds of EMI Music, or is it what else for wallpapers? Probably, we have to live users on this world of Verwirrspiels with these facts. One wonders just what emotions are for some presenting artists still real and you know at all what they sing there? But it continues merrily, DJ otzi steals at Schlager-NIC equal to two times, Scooter with Mickie Krause, or conversely, Jurgen Drews at Langley or also different rum, sings a song by the Cologne Band de Boore, SEMINO Rossi and and…? As well as always, at least confirmed in our case by the Publisher, Antonia aus Tirol is the original of the new German version of 1000 dreams far Tornero’.

She has asked for the permit and no one else, according to the publishing house holder seven-point. If two quarrel would be the third or so similar because now already more less well-known artists have covered Antonia’s version. Well, then, in this sense, sit back and enjoy the music, by whomever. Author of Andreas Kemp