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Indicators of satisfaction of the technical service of Fagor since 2007 have been overwhelmingly positive: 97.9% of consultations addressed the first, reduction of up to 9 days for the resolution of claims, around 100 congratulations per month for the efforts. So much so, that 95% of consumers argues that it has contacted without difficulty, to locate your nearest Fagor technical service center. 91% Stresses that the treatment has been appropriated (9% qualifies it normal and only the incorrect 0.08), the 94,2% manifests that you kept him abreast of the evolution of its claim, 82% believed that the response time was fast or normal and 97.5% response seemed satisfactory. Fagor SAT is guided by a programme of continuous improvement. This happens to maintain high rates of satisfaction achieved, customer care center become a permanent listening Center, increase the activity of sale of contracts as a source of income, starting the Project loyalty contracts and introduce innovations as SMS messages for users of Dietrich reminding them technician pass by his house. All of this while maintaining the well-known system of guarantees of service Fagor.

The Amounts

Again use a properly approved voucher of the previous year, by changing a number of date, etc. Use prepared invoices by oneself and falsification of approvals. Payment of false invoices, obtained in collusion with suppliers. Increase in the amounts of the invoices, in collusion with suppliers. Loads personal purchases, the company improperly using purchase orders. Invoiced goods for personal benefit, charged to fake accounts. Dispatch goods to the home of an employee or relative to your advantage. Fake inventories to cover theft.

Use advances for business expenses, charity staff. Unduly collect cheques payable in favour of the company. Forged endorsements of checks payable to suppliers. Insert in books leaves with accounts or fictitious amounts. Deliberately delay the reconciliation of the account of a client. Show sums wrong in the records of inputs and outputs box.

Deliberately confuse the seats in control and detail accounts. Make new leaves for the books in order to avoid manipulations are discovered. Not close the cash receipts book in due time. Selling surplus materials or disposal and pocketing the proceeds from the sale. Sell the use of keys business, winery or boxes for money. The combination of the safe or vault sell for money. Allow vendors sell into companies and apply for commissions payable to the employee. Ask the vendors write checks in their personal capacity and not on behalf of the company. Clone expense checks or payroll payment to achieve charge what alteration of data in invoices to collect a viatico wholesale. And how prevent this? Having a good control board inner with your proper auditor also a good code of ethics and culture for prevention of fraud, the internal control and fraud prevention is the responsibility of all employees of the company. Avoid fraud in corporations, fraud is the poison that comes to damage the moral life of the employees of the company, prevent the opportunity to having a good internal auditor.

Juan Pablo

What what said Vatican II? Each of these vocations, in principle the first 4, it has a religious dimension. The fact that you have the vocation to the Diocesan priesthood, does not mean that you’re not interested the Mission of the Church. It means that you have to live the missionary dimension. All spirituality in the Church has a missionary dimension. Religious life also has a missionary dimension. Each an equal.

The contemplative life equal to married life, the lay life, in any case. But Juan Pablo II speaks that there is other specific vocations. That is the vocation missionary adgentes. You can be a priest, a religious, or, a contemplative (Teresita of the child Jesus), or marriages. The code of Canon law.

The title of missionary, gives it to those who have the vocation. To be missionaries and that does not depend on, if it is that it is secular, if it is that it is religious, or priest, or is of contemplative life. It also does not depend on if you are overseas, or, native to the place. (2 Of the 3 book of Canon law title) They are 870 barrels and many, they are 12 guns devoted to this theme, which are inspired by Vatican II, in Adgentes. Canon law says the missionary title, does not depend of the legal criterion. Not It depends on the State of life, if he is consecrated or not consecrated, secular or religious. How also depends, geographic, if he is a foreigner or situation of the place. Religious congregations in which you can’t be member if you do not have the vocation is missionary Adgentes. The case of the Comboni missionaries. Even the laity, marriage, also by the fact of having received baptism have to live this dimension missionary. Being in the world to be able to evangelize all structures of society; politics, law, economics, education, etc., etc. So far, the first part he was in charge of Professor angel Gomez, with the original theological foundations of the author mission theme and source of the article


In 2001, I had the opportunity, thank God of study Missiology relatively new subject within the range of disciplines in theological studies. Six months lasted studies, in which, apart from the compulsory literature, we had classes taught by different teachers expert in the matter. Each teacher at the end of their talks, which lasted for several weeks, they made an assessment in the form of consideration, and those points were recorded by the end of the studies. At the end of the studies, each student personally had to prepare a final work on the subject, and be approved by the Board of professors for the respective diploma. To give me the learning of the studies of this matter, I acquired a portable recorder of journalist, which recorded the classes taught by teachers.

On this occasion I want to transcribe verbatim some of them, because above all, the main aim of all these studies was that: being able to disseminate and expand this wonderful message. Then this is the first installment for everything those who read these articles. The first part was conducted by Professor in theology expert in Missiology Angel Gomez. The theme was: theological foundations of the mission and this was what he said: pointing out some general considerations about a historical perspective on the study of missiology in Catholic circles. Missiology was born in the Protestant environment, with the theme of ecumenism. Catholics arrived later in these topics.

But what is theology? Theology is a systematic and rigorous reflection on the word of God revealed to man. Because the Christian God is a God revealed. Christianity in a revealed or supernatural religion. It means that there are two types of religions. There is a natural religion, and the supernatural or revealed. Natural religion, means that, throughout all cultures and thanks to cultural anthropology studies, we observed that all human groups of all the cultures, there is always a religious illusion in each one of them.