San Martin

That is why the mausoleum where the remains of the Liberator lies outside the main floor of the Cathedral. But with a detail that very few know and it is that San Martin was placed with his head tilted downward, in a position that represents the divine punishment with the infernal condemnation, with which the Catholic Church punishes Masons. It is said that President of the Sanmartiniano Institute has denied this version, justifying tilt which presents the coffin in a calculation error in the construction of the mausoleum, which did not allow that it built correctly. However, not has been able to justify because placed San Martin feet upwards, and head down. His tomb can be read triumphed in San Lorenzo, asserted the independence of Argentina, passed the Andes, led its emancipatory flag to Chile, the Peru and the Ecuador. The maxims of Saint Martin: In 1825 San Martin wrote the maxims for Merceditas, from where transmits it its principles. A list of twelve educational precepts with the title is maximum for my daughter, which are as follows.

1 Humanize the character and make it sensitive even with insects that are detrimental to us. Stern has said a fly opening the window so that it escapes: Anda, poor animal, the world is too big for both of us. 2 Inspire you to love the truth and hate to lie. 3 Inspire you great confidence and friendship, but coupled with respect. 4 Stimulate in Mercedes charity to the poor. 5. Respect on the property of others. 6 Get it to keep a secret.

7 Inspire feelings of indulgence towards all religions. 8 Sweetness with the servants, poor and old. 9.-Who speaks little and as precise. 10 Get it to be formal table. 11 Love of neatness and contempt to the luxury. 12 Inspire you love for the fatherland and freedom. The Testament: The testament of Saint Martin, written in his manuscript in Paris, January 23, 1844, is an example of generosity and austerity. In the same leaves as sole heir to his daughter Mercedes Tomasa de San Martin, married Mariano Balcarce, then Argentine Ambassador in Paris. Among the most important points the General had that Mercedes given to his aunt Maria Elena a lifetime and at his death pension a pension his daughter Petronila. That Sabre who will accompany you in the war of independence, it was delivered to the Governor of Buenos Aires Juan Manuel de Rosas as a test of satisfaction that, like Argentinean, I had to see the firmness with which upheld the honor of the Republic against the unjust claims of foreigners trying to humiliate her. To not be you held funeral or accompaniments to the cemetery, but yes I would like that my heart was buried in Buenos Aires. By o. Walter Gangi. Consulted bibliography: The brothers of San Armando Martin bridge; Don Jose i. Garcia Hamilton; Children of the country: San Martin, Yrigoyen y Peron of Hugo Chumbita; History of San Martin and the South American emancipation of B. Mitre; The State and the historical reality of a. Pellet Lastra.

Period Training

Third Period of training: Bargain Having left of side the Negation and the Isolation, ' ' percebendo' ' that the anger also did not decide, the person enters in the third period of training; the bargain. The majority of these bargains is made with God and, normally, kept in secret. As hardly the person has some thing to offer the God, beyond its life, and as This she seems to be taking it, she wants the person wants or not, the bargains assume more the characteristics of suplications. The person begs that God has accepted its ' ' oferta' ' in exchange for the life, as for example, its promise of a dedicated life to the church, the poor persons, the charity In the reality, the bargain is an adjournment attempt. In this phase the patient if keeps night watchman, docile reflexive and (not if she can negotiate with God, at the same time where if it antagonizes people). Room Period of training: Depression the Depression appears when the patient takes conscience of its physical atony, when already she does not obtain to deny its conditions of sick person, when the perspectives of the death clearly is felt. Evidently, one is about a evolutiva attitude; to deny did not advance, to attack and if to also rebel not, to make bargains did not decide.

A feeling appears then of great loss. It is the suffering and the psychic pain of who perceives the naked reality and raw, as it is really, it is the full conscience of that we are born and we die alone. Here the depression assumes a more typical and characteristic clinical picture; loss of heart, disinterest, apathy, sadness, I cry, etc. Fifth Period of training: Acceptance In this period of training the patient already does not try the desperation and nor denies its reality. This is a moment of rest and serenity before the long trip.

This Constitution

With long concentrations of power, emotive nationalistic rituals that will be present in fascism and Nazism. Fans of D Annunzio distinguished by their black shirts, the Roman salute, the skull with crossbones which were and remain part of all fascist liturgy. D Annunzio style, will remain in force in the black shirts of Mussolini, as the Nazi SS of Hitler, which also gave effective strength to the movement, by implementing the paramilitary fascist style example of the red shirts (which will appear in Uruguay) of the nationalist leader of the Italian unification, Giuseppe Garibaldi, which incidentally was also called Duce. Mussolini’s fascism had taken over the words, of the rites of the style of D Annunzio in Fiume. But D Annunzio not only gave him a liturgy, a style and a mystical fascism, also laid the foundations of their ideological and philosophical basis.

D Annunzio will be who will bring and adapted the ideas of the corporate State of Hegel to fascism. The D Annunzio Constitution established a corporatist State, with nine corporations to represent different sectors of the economy (employees, workers, professionals) as well as a tenth Corporation that invention D Annunzio, who was the Corporation’s human superiors (heroes, poets, prophets, supermen). This Constitution as all fascism is predominant theory of the Superman of Nietzsche, distinguished by its capacity for creativity and courage, resulting the antithesis of the mass man, to which fascism wants to dignify and raise the quality of individual through culture. Thus, as Mussolini, Hitler it was despicable, vulgar, payasesco, scatterbrained and was referring to Nazism as a bad imitation of fascism. Likewise D Annunzio considered Mussolini and the fascists, as greedy, ignorant and rude that they had taken over his work and of having stolen his place in history. If Mussolini would steal protagonism to D Annunzio. Mussolini is also a victim of its copycat and confirm it by declaring.

Success Is At Your Fingertips

Already since some years I dedicate myself to study those methods that lead to success, their causes and foundations, always trying to be objective, leaving aside all speculation and conjecture. Consider then, some of these causes, perhaps decisive in obtaining achievements and personal gain. You work on what you like and where you can better express yourself and get to demonstrate how much you are able to? Find our vocation is no easy task, you may need to experiment a bit before you find the right path, but every attempt really worth, when you do you’ll be shortening the distance that exists between success and failure. If you are a good observer, you’ll see that those individuals who have achieved success in life, are those who work on what interests them and gives them great satisfaction, if you don’t like what you do, hardly you destacaras in that task. Is there a feature or particular condition in which triumph?They are persevering!, no doubt, are not only armed intelligence and some skills, if not that, in what in what more stand out, that it far exceeds his intelligence and qualities, it is an incredible force of will that used to perform his work, persevere when difficulties arise bearing with great patience winds that do not favor. It is very likely that if you are persistent enough or you efforts in cultivating this quality, you easily find the way to your vocation, so for these more trained and accordingly will Excel at this.

Contrary to the perseverance and tenacity, which of course those who possess it have virtually assured success, there is a term that it deprives man of all triumph and victory laziness, state that prevents that someone stands in their work or life, such as this, a person able to speak with eloquence and admirable oratory, trait that distinguishes sufficient conditions of intelligence and ability, but at the same time the concept of this individual is very poor and its working efficiency is pathetic, failing to stand out among their peers. What happens is very simple, it is not working hard enough, is not taking action to achieve something, and the success it won’t be part of his life, he will not be in that portion of men who have known the triumph thanks to their effort and diligence. You have the opportunity to live life to the extent that you strive to achieve the fullness, also splendidly, te iras finding happiness, this thinking basically has nothing to do with monetary, of course not we can set aside money, hardly we can remove him from the feeling of pleasure, but the concept to live fully is prior to any conception that we have. If you’re smart enough, you’ll be using the money as a means in itself same, with great power and capacity that it has, if instead your only goal is only the acquisition of a large fortune, this definitely be terminated and putting an end to your chances of success and the pleasure that you can reach. My best wishes for success.

Juan Pablo

What what said Vatican II? Each of these vocations, in principle the first 4, it has a religious dimension. The fact that you have the vocation to the Diocesan priesthood, does not mean that you’re not interested the Mission of the Church. It means that you have to live the missionary dimension. All spirituality in the Church has a missionary dimension. Religious life also has a missionary dimension. Each an equal.

The contemplative life equal to married life, the lay life, in any case. But Juan Pablo II speaks that there is other specific vocations. That is the vocation missionary adgentes. You can be a priest, a religious, or, a contemplative (Teresita of the child Jesus), or marriages. The code of Canon law.

The title of missionary, gives it to those who have the vocation. To be missionaries and that does not depend on, if it is that it is secular, if it is that it is religious, or priest, or is of contemplative life. It also does not depend on if you are overseas, or, native to the place. (2 Of the 3 book of Canon law title) They are 870 barrels and many, they are 12 guns devoted to this theme, which are inspired by Vatican II, in Adgentes. Canon law says the missionary title, does not depend of the legal criterion. Not It depends on the State of life, if he is consecrated or not consecrated, secular or religious. How also depends, geographic, if he is a foreigner or situation of the place. Religious congregations in which you can’t be member if you do not have the vocation is missionary Adgentes. The case of the Comboni missionaries. Even the laity, marriage, also by the fact of having received baptism have to live this dimension missionary. Being in the world to be able to evangelize all structures of society; politics, law, economics, education, etc., etc. So far, the first part he was in charge of Professor angel Gomez, with the original theological foundations of the author mission theme and source of the article

Recommendations For The Prevention Of Termite

Risk factors can be extrapolated to all our buildings, ancient, modern, with wooden structure, without it, isolated homes, blocks, buildings, churches, farmhouses, houses between medians, semi-detached houses, etc. RISK factors to correct Woods in the vicinity of our houses are factors of attraction for a plague of subterranean termites: firewood accumulated playing outdoors (or sometimes in the interior) wall can cause a call effect. Firewood outdoors covered with a plastic film is a real breeding ground for termites, we must prevent protect firewood from this form. Woods stuck permanently in the soil (stakes, tutors, sleepers, small trunks by way of stairs), can help the settlement of a colony of termites. A poorly preserved garden can be a determining factor (trees and dead plants, stumps of old trees). Old stumps whose roots facilitate entry into our homes. The moisture content of all types, are an amplifier a termite attack, either by seepage, capillary or condensation. Irrigation, often soaking our walls and facilitates the life of termites.

Likewise, it happens with the humidity by capillarity (either own land or by the loss of a drain or supply). The scrub too wet, soaking the doors wooden frames can lead to that wood will pick a very adequate level of humidity for termite. Low deck leaks often soak our Woods and are a strong pull factor that can lead to termites to ascend to the top of our House, affecting in its passage. Like the previous point, the poorly preserved woodwork can moisten and be a source of attraction, also can allow the passage of water and moisten the inside of the House. Leaks of a downspout, a bathroom or a kitchen can also accelerate the attack. Poor ventilation can lead to condensation above all in the bathrooms and kitchens, making an ideal habitat for the plague (also adding how risk factor the degradation of wood, of which rot fungi are responsible). All mentioned factors can aggravate if wooden beams are within a false ceiling (even with less ventilation and more darkness).

Condensation can form on outside of the House (for example in a paved playground), if the subsoil moisture tends to evaporate and can not, just escaping precisely by the walls of the House. Recessed old facility which can favor the passage of termites are often. Ancient sewers where termites have step and made of small underground river. Downspouts and walled chimneys have joints in the work that termites can be leveraged for transit. Woods lost in construction can cause a strong amplification of the plague. The construction of housing estates and other above old fields without a total cleaning (cherry trees, carob trees, vineyards, etc.). The lost formwork for wood not recovered from a foundation. Remains of work (work timbers or ancient) used to fill the ground near the House. In FUMIGARZA can give you comprehensive advice on your building.

On The Door Of Time

Never think of the future, always comes too soon. Albert Einstein generalities, reach, information. Increasingly we are surprised of the strange things that occur in our planet Earth, tornandose very interesting our step for him, and above all, invitandonos to be more attentive to those events that still cannot be explained as well as there are others who provide us with as much information iinteresante, which motivates further research and to draw us importantly while have the opportunity of living delve into them. On this occasion, we want to delve into everything what has been investigated, indagado regarding the time that motivates delve into its scope, impact and more when it says on the door in time. It is a fact as cites it tendencia21.NET, which has been discussed much on the unification of the two most important theories of the 20th century, quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity, although efforts have collided against the incompatibility of principles and methodology of both: in the first, the indeterminism and the wave-particle duality, and in the second, determinism and the point particles; in one, the phenomena of microphysics, in another macrofisica experience and infinity. An attempt to unify the principles, but has detected that the first thing that needs to be clarified is the substratum common to both theories, namely, the underlying structure of space and time, it is necessary to know well to lay the Foundation for a unified theory. Be considered, that spacetime, even being a scientific topic that, as such, should not be treated philosophical, metaphysical, or theologically, has always had an important projection on the philosophy and the idea of God. Let us remember the Newton Divinitatis sensorium, but also how the same Leibniz understood the space-time of science as a system of relations between monads, the Supreme Monad, Dios, was the foundation of the material order and the spiritual order, coordination According to a pre-established harmony universal.


Some unique copies sold for tens of thousands of dollars. Deciding to buy a carpet, tack with a white handkerchief. Soak it with water and rub against the carpet pile. If there are traces of paint – abstain from buying. Probably before you – a fake. Ever since the xv century, the famous Turkish ceramics.

Colorfully painted porcelain figurine, or dish with a national ornament will be a great gift! In any Turkish bench, of which innumerable in almost every village and next to it, you will be offered a glass of hot apple tea. Tea is served in Turkey is in a small, shapely, clear glass cups. This – the national drink, which drink "on every corner." Apple tea cups for him and the entire tea sets you can purchased at the same bench. Coffee cup complete with a brass hand grinder, Turkish coffee and a small margin – present a collection of your family and you can be sure that a strong, aromatic drink will delight them long evenings. Interesting gifts may be made by colorfully made backgammon and chess, soft, almost weightless, bathrobes, towels and bed linen with a beautiful hand-embroidered, numerous, very inexpensive silverware. Only on the coast are more than thousands of jewelry shops and factories.

And, of course, remember the Turkish sweets: Turkish delight, halva, baklava and pastries are sold almost everywhere, as in gift packages and in bulk. Turkey – a paradise for the sweet tooth! 🙂 For a person who loves to cook, become an indisputable help spice. They can try, then buy a special shops. Sell them spices – from huge bags. Where you can still see a bag of pepper or cinnamon, eh? Brandy – strong (40-50 degrees), the national alcoholic beverage on the basis of anise. In Germany, Turkish brandy called the "lion's milk "for her ability to change color with crystal clear to milky white when diluted with water or ice. It is in this – diluted – as it and eat. Bring brandy as a gift to fellow workers or parents – Let them a taste of Turkey! And always bargain! Turkey – a Muslim country. A bargain – is the foundation of the eastern trade. Knocking the price in the bidding process by 30-40%, you will not only save your money, but also to give pleasure the seller. Tomorrow you go to Turkey " Though long since packed, my bags the way " – in the head playing a song Kukin, you pack the luggage So, maybe it is not necessary to fill a suitcase all the way? Leave a place for shopping and gifts. Because of Turkey is, what to bring!

Historical Review Apaseos

Historical Review Apaseo’s story dates back to pre-Columbian times. At the time of the Spanish foundation, there were already names and Atlayahualco Apaseo. This, older and of Mexican origin, this city was conquered by the indigenous chiefs Hispanicized Nicol s San Luis Montanez and Fernando de Tapia, and thus began to reach Hispanics, who distributed the land that had belonged to the natives. Now with the new name of San Andr s Apaseo the Alto, was built for administrative purposes the district then Celaya. In the nineteenth century was linked territorially to the then village of Apaseo the Great, and is up on 18 December 1947 when a decree of the local legislature, it is given as a municipality, under the name Upper Apaseo. Important People Beatriz Tapia 1770 Patron Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital. Don Francisco de P. Mesa 1851 Grant public clock.Cura Don Francisco Licea and Borja To him are the columns of the main garden and the front of the Temple of the Blood of Christ, training of district and help Apaseo public works. Antonio Vega Alvarez (1911-1978) Professor and author. Vicente Esteves Mendoza (1905-1986) politician and benefactor. Don Juan Oliveros perform works of charity and he should be the portals of places, schools, hospital, the new pantheon, the cobblestones, the land for the railroad, and so on. Chronology of Historical Events Event Year 1800 is planned the streets under the direction of architect Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras. 1919 he carried out the first grants of common in the municipality. 1926 were verified in the municipality Cristero battles of the Revolution. David Sanchez Malagon Recently he became President after a very controversial municipal elections that did not win in the county seat in many occasions.His choice was given out that David won in many communities Apaseo belonging to the Alto. David is rumored that “bought” the votes of many people in the communities. For example people who had paid for the release of their IFE credential on condition they vote for him. Also well known is that David organize “rodeos” in various communities in which access was free and liquors obtained free of charge. The day of his swearing in David said, that like his father and were peasants (which is not true), his main focus would be on helping the country, create new jobs and improve the municipal economy. Which partly a municipal president can not do. It is also known disagreement of many public servants of the High Apaseo that the mayor has fired and still, many of the previous administration to re-recruit police and other servers that were previously dismissed as being corrupt people.Like most people at the head of the High Apaseo know, in the past the police force has confiscated properties of David, it gave out that their properties had underground piping outlets belonging to PEMEX. As expected all these events have caused too much controversy and fear among the inhabitants of the municipality that have even relate to this president David with strange events in communities throughout the municipality, and the discovery of a narcofosa in the community of La Cuevita and the disappearance of several people in the municipality, the latter events have been associated not only with David, but with the professional organization of the “Zetas,” as it is said that David has maintained contact with these businesses and illicit substances and so on. All this has not been confirmed, but what if it is true is that many people live in fear for things that may happen in future.

Global Greengrants Foundation

Much of the towns of Aysen in addition to various countries of the world from this weekend about 70 people gathered in Puerto Bertrand in order to perform a special commemoration: the world rivers day. Its objective was one single and quite clear, down the rapids of the River in Chile, today threatened by several dam projects being conducted by HidroAysen, hispano-italiana Endesa and Colbun Chilean society. After camping overnight on Saturday in the town and in some cases the services of cabins and residential, departed the Sunday with the words of the pastor of the sector, father Porfirio Diaz, who raised a prayer for life, water and the defence of the territory. Participants came from Coyhaique, Cochrane, Coyhaique, Chile Chico, own Puerto Bertrand, Bahia Murta, Puerto Aysen, Maniguales, Caleta Tortel, Santiago, England, Germany and Sweden, among other places, who after the spiritual action were launched to the still icy waters of Lake Bertrand (which originates from the drain of General Carrera Lake and at its mouth gives birth to the Baker River) to carry out preparatory exercises and proceed to the official photography: World rivers day: free waters, free rivers for a healthy and better world reserve of life Patagonia Chile, Aysen. The Group launched in kayaks, canoes, and rafts to travel about 10 miles that separate the town of sector rare duck, in the Austral Longitudinal road running in that area flanking the Baker, place where we proceeded to the landing. The participation of the students of the school of guides of Patagonia, institution that organized the activity with the support of the Global Greengrants Foundation and the support of International Rivers, was joined by a delegation from the Club Nautico shark of Cochrane, whose young members, led by Professor Roberto Haro, showed the learning achieved in years of practice of the kayakthat area has been incorporated as one more within the disciplines that athletes of the southern exercise. Francisco saw, director of the school of guides of Patagonia, explained that more than focus the commemoration on the descent of the Baker idea was learn to enjoy the water and how to do so in a safe and enjoyable.

And to give us desire to continue doing so. Those of us with more experience can see the example in these kids (the sharks) with the desire that they put in the water, it is inspiring to learn the skills that they have. He pointed out that this requires a change of culture, we can not defend this water and these rivers if we do not seize them, because they can not be just to come and make of them a photo or an opportunity only for foreigners. Those who live here must seize these waters doing sport, recreating us and so we can build a more healthy and better world. The Director recalled that for this next weekend is preparing together with the Chamber of tourism of the Junta a descent at the Palena River, from the sector La junta, inviting all those who are interested to participate in this activity’s interaction with the nature of Aysen. To achieve this work counted the entity with the support of various institutions, as many companies private and civil society organizations.